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    Exactly a month ago, I left my Echo Park LA apartment and moved to Azusa, California to be closer to my new job. It’s very very quaint. You know, the kind of place where 4SQ doesn’t even register. Ha ha.  I live in a motel converted apartment complex on Historical Route 66. THere are a lot of factories. 

    It’s about 1.0 mile from my office. Sweet.  So I will let you know a bit about the Citrus Town of Azusa!  It is about 50 km east of downtown LA and in the San Gabriel Canyon and right by the east side of San Gabriel River.  Jacob loves the river.

    This city has a 2 very religious universities. One is Buddhist and one is Christian.

    There is cactus everywhere

    Some of the highlights so far? I found a snail, there is an Orange, Lemon and Lime St!  Oh yah, Tony Robbins is from Azusa!  Ummm that’s all for now.

    Population  44,712 

    *** CityMouse meets CountryMouse****

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