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    Pink’s Hot Dogs

    I have been in LA for 4 months now and I have driven and noticed this place called Pink’s about 5 times. There is always a huge lineup (im talking like 100-200 people) at 1pm, 3pm, 1am, whenever. You know how I feel about lines *sideye*

    It is a family owned hotdog stand that has been around for 70 years. Everyone from Bill Crosby to Celine Dion to Snoopdog to Karl Lagerfeld puts this place on. They open at 9:30 am every day. On Sunday through Thursday, close at 2:00 am, but on Friday and Saturday open until 3:00 am.

    There is always a LINE UP…. to the point where i thought oh they must be giving out free hotdogs or something. So my curiousity led me to my go to source YELP.com and I found over 1600 reviews on this place. WOW. What makes them so damn special? Pink’s hot dogs have been specially made for Pink’s by Hoffy since 1939. They are all-beef and have a natural casing that makes that makes them snap when you bite into them. *interesting*

    Who wants go to with me one of these days?
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    Lingerie Tendencies

    I was invited to the super secret Landing Party Gallery in Downtown LA tonight for the Lingerie Tendencies fashion show… Fairy Tales. The designers are Kelly Herman and Maeva Corral.

    The video installation was by Boom Art House and DJ Giangstar was on the 1’s & 2’s. It was so hidden, just 749 S.Broadway and look for ‘the blue door’

    me and the models!

    I nearly missed the door… I saw a dapper bouncer standing there in the middle of a vacant street. lol Kenneth wassup! Met a bunch of cool people and the owner of the Landing Party Gallery (after hours spot) where the fashion show was held. He is actually friends with Craig of Craigslist of course and had a wall dedicated to thank him! How cute is that. I wrote, thanks for my puppy and my numerous apartments Craig!

    Behind the scenes

    more fun times in LA to come!