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    Wonderful Monday Night At La Pulperia Upper East Side

    If you are a Latin Food lover, if you are a seafood lover, if you are a hand-crafted cocktail lover, if you are a happy hour lover, if you just love enjoying the good food – you will love love and love this place.


    Living in a big city like New York, it is not difficult to find a nice Latin American restaurant. But the thing is you have to take time to do the research, checking Yelp, Google or Opentable… Actually you don’t need to do this much work, you can just trust us and do it with no regret at all. Heydoyou is a lifestyle blog – we know everything to make your life quality better, food, drinks, fitness, beauty, fashion and so many other things.


    Recently, Lulu is just soooo into checking out the delicious places in New York., maybe because of the New York Restaurant Week, maybe because of the nice summer time, or maybe it is just because I love eating good food since I am an artist and an editor, plus a foodie.


    Okay, I talked too much about myself. Now I am going to talk about the main thing in this article – La Pulperia – Latin American fare in rustic-chic digs with Mexican tiles & repurposed Brazilian wood. The one I tried was at Upper East Side Manhattan; they also have two other locations at NYC – Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown East. It was a Monday night and it is Happy Hour all day on Monday, plus they have live music performance from 7pm. The Happy Hour menu is very attractive.

    I order their signature cocktail at the bar – La Pulperia. Ryan ordered Spicy Micheladas. The bar at La Pulperia is pretty long, it can have over ten people. If you are a sweet/fruity/good-looking cocktail fan like me, then La Pulperia is a must-have, it amazed me. If you are a Bloody Marry fan like Ryan, then I am sure you will like Spicy Micheladas.

    After the first cocktail, we found a table at their skylight room in the back. The space is very large and cute – I love they have a whole wall displaying the Latin American snacks, grains and other goodies – so many food knowledge to learn. At the corner of the back skylight room, they have a wine storage – a lot of Latin American wines! The skylight makes the back room very bright. I guess it is also a good atmosphere to have dinner with the shining stars on the top – making it a nice dating night!

    Let us continue the Happy Hour at the table! We ordered 6 oysters. They were only 1 dollar for each with very good size and freshness.

    And another cocktail please – I had an elegant one – Upper East Side Lady, just like me!? Haha, it is very interesting because the cocktail’s color totally matched with my sweater color – my favorite color – PINK! They used Strawberry infused gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Lavender nectar & gold leaf, tasty and beautiful! Ryan started the real alcohol – a great authentic Mexican liqueur – Los Amantes Mescal Joven. I can only smell it because it is very strong, but you know, men love it.

    For appetizers, our waiter recommended EL Salmon Brulee. Actually I knew it is a must-have at La Pulperia since I checked Yelp, it is the most popular Appetizer at here, and of course it looks amazing just the way it is!

    The other Appetizer we had is Empanadas, super cute Mexican style fried dumplings. If you are vegetarian, you can choose the corn flavor. If you are a meat person, please have the beef one – so juicy. I feel I will come back here for it.

    I know these are so many foods already, but let me show you our Entrée! You will surprise what we had – PACU Fish Ribs! Fish Ribs? Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. They exactly look like ribs, but they are fish!! The ribs are made from a big grilled Brazilian fish, with Orange Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Coconut Rice on the side. We enjoyed it, and emptied it. Wow, so full, but so satisfied.

    Any room for dessert? Ryan always surprises how much I can eat in front of delicious meal. Of course I have a room for dessert forever. I believe here’s dessert definitely won’t disappoint me, and it doesn’t!

    A wonderful dinner with the Live Brazilian Jazz Music, it is an amazing night for us. You should check La Pulperia out! For dates, group, family, kids, here is perfect for all of these. By the way, they have a seafood tower on the menu, the table next to us ordered it.

    More about La Pulperia, you can check their website, or just go there!