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    Fashion Week Winning Style @Aglit_Italy

    This fashion week has been all about the understated cool more than the over the top outlandish (Thank G!)

    Here is a cool on brand this season who is perfect for shoe lovers, fashionistas, sneakerheads and trendsetters.

    Aglit Italy!

    aglit_italy1 aglit_italyThis premium-handcraftedin the US  accessory has the streets talking and Instagram buzzing with anticipation for none other than genuine Aglit Italy lambskin leather laces.Aglit Italy is the world’s first luxury leather lace company designed for Sneaker Heads internationally.
    Aglit Italy is rewriting fashion history by creating a bridge between the experimental bloggers of today to OG sneaker heads who respect the heritage of true passion for sneakers. These laces elevate the sneaker experience by injecting it with sophistication and elegance, formerly reserved only for high fashion footwear.
    Now the question is what color laces and which sneaker do you lace up first?