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    Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes LAMIK

    So very excited for our Beauty vendor LAMIK hailing from Houston TX!  The very first eco-chic beauty line that is for everyone. 
    As you all know, make up can do wonders and the most important is to have great skin. If you have clear and radiant skin, everything else will just fall into place.
    They will be providing Sex and the City style mini-makeovers at the Pink Carpet Soiree in less than 8 days away. LAMIK products will be in each and every giftbag. Woohoo!
    Eco-chic products are very important because there are so many harmful chemicals in products we use on a daily!  So kudos to LAMIK for being environmentally responsible and creating healthy, beautiful products.
     10% of the sales at the Pink Carpet Soiree will be donated to the American Cancer Society for the “Detox Your Skin” campaign.
    Did you get your ticket yet?

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