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    Time to get a good night’s sleep with these silk pillowcases crafted from 6A grade mulberry silk, and your skin and hair will also thank you.

    Smooth, Soft, Breathable, Cool-to-the-touch. Perfect in Giving Silk Care to Your Face, Neck and Hair All-night. Waking up in Morning By Soft Silk Pillowcase Provides You A Good Mood At The Start of A Day! Silk never absorbs facial moisture. It is great for Your Hair and Skin. LILYSILK’s 19 Momme Pillowcase is the perfect choice to discover the world of silk. The pillowcase has an envelope closure for those who like to put their hands under their pillowcases when they sleep. Inexpensive yet effective in treating common sleep-related problems such as skin irritations, this pillowcase also leaves your hair feeling hydrated. Turn your average slumber into a rejuvenating deep sleep.

    Silk allow the skin and hair to slide over the pillowcase very gently and freely, reducing facial wrinkles, preventing dry/ knotted hair and reduce hair loss. Silk is also a natural temperature regulator which can adjust our skin temperature to an optimal level, ensuring deep sleep for all night. Experience the luxury of LILYSILK’s silk pillow cases. These silk pillowcases are constructed from pure silk which gives it its smooth finish, even after many times wash and wear. Wrinkle free, easy to care for.

    Why Silk Pillowcase Instead of Satin or Polyester ?

    • An Economical Way to Experience Silk!
    • Protect Hair from Further Damaged.
    • Super soft and smooth, Nourishes Dry Hair
    • Moisture Skin, anti-aging and wrinkles
    • 3 Times Than Cotton and satin in Breathable Test
    • Made of 100% pure natural fabric, no chemicals
    • Looks Luxurious instead of cheap. Beautiful silk sheen, add a style to your bedroom
    • Benefits For Your Hair and Skin, its a long term process, try it, experience it and then stick to it, you will be surprised
    • Not only LilySilk has hot-selling white silk pillowcase, but they have ivory, light blue, silvergray, taupe, and light plum, rosy pink, dark teal pillowcase, and they can customize the size and other color for you.
    • LilySilk also has both sides pure mulberry silk pillowcase, 22 momme silk pillowcase and 25 momme silk pillowcase.

    LilySilk‘s mulberry silk pillowcase has sold to more than 50 countries and they have dedicated to making better silk items for their customers for more than 10 years. No matter how old you are, boys or girls, you can use LilySilk’ silk pillowcase, silk night cap, silk bedding sets, silk pyjamas, silk duvets, silk hair scrunchies and silk women clothing for better sleep and better life ! A silk pillowcase is the perfect choice for you to enter the world of silk.

    Get to Know More About One Side Silk Pillowcase

    • Fabric: 100% 19 Momme pure Mulberry silk with 400 thread count; The underside of the pillowcase is cotton with 40-60 tex.
    • Cotton underside: The underside is made from 100% cotton. The cotton underside is designed to prevent pillow from slipping from the underneath of your head or slipping off the bed. In addition,a cotton underside can help to reduce the overall cost, and most people only use one side of a pillowcase.
    • Closure: Big opening and longer hidden zipper for style, comfort and better fit the pillow into the pillowcase. Each silk pillowcase is handmade and shows top-quality workmanship.
    • Size: Standard: 20”x26”(51x66cm); Queen: 20”x30”(50x75cm); King: 20”x36”(50x90xm)
    • Easy Care: Hand or Machine Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle. Hang to Dry. Cool Iron. Do Not Bleach. Can Also Be Dry Cleaned

    LilySilk silk pillowcase are made with long stranded 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk. No chemicals are added in production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of the silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure LilySilk customers enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth feel of the silk products.

    The Benefits of Mulberry Silk

    Silk is a protein fiber extracted from the substance secreted by silkworms after lots of handling and processing. It is a fiber closest to our skin and contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body. The laborious processing and inborn advantages brought silk the reputation of queen of fibers.
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    SILK DELIVERS THE MAXIMUM COMFORT – The Anniversary Gift for My Hubby

    I know it is difficult to choose a gift for husband for anniversary. For me, my husband hates shopping, almost all his clothes are chosen by me. This year, I want to give him something more luxury and intimate. How about a silk boxer? That sounds about right.

    LILYSILK silk boxers give you better options for selecting underwears. Made of 6A mulberry silk, the silk boxers are naturally antibacterial and anti-allergy – don’t forget men need good care too. Besides, this boxer has been better structured: the back is divided into three pieces to prevent underwear from pulling on the crack and avoid embarrassment print. In addition, the upgraded 2.0 version adds a circle of stitches to the waist, which better fixes the elastic waistband and makes it more comfortable to wear. Get convenience, comfort, and chic style all in new silk boxers.

    This Men Silk Boxer Is Made of Real Mulberry Silk, Highest-quality 6A Grade Silk Sourced, Soft, Smooth and Breathable. Best Silk Offers Most Comfortable & Healthy Care for Skin.

    Free draping, is different from traditional model of boxers for men. Perfectly fits the body and ensures the comfort. Mother of Pearl button is used for the front boxer which is chic and convenient. Boxer length is designed to the thigh, effectively protect the thigh muscle. When wearing suits, there will be no signs and will avoid awkward triangle shape.

    French seams for ultimate luxury and comfort, single-button fly. Fitted garment – size up if unsure or in between sizes; More room equals more comfort. Full cut, relaxed fit. Elastic waist, fitting large range of body sizes, the silk sleep shorts are easy to wear and bring more comfort. No Ride Up leg bands, the silk pajama shorts provides all day comfort. 93% 6A Grade mulberry silk offers the soft, breathable, comfortable feeling; 7% Spandex added to ensure the ultra ease when moving or squating (Spandex can make silk more stretchable and better fit body figure). Beautiful drapes flows freely.

    This four pack Silk Boxer is gift box packed and it is the perfect gift for him on Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary!

    BENEFITS to Wear Silk Boxer

    • More Healthy, Comfortable, Breathable and Luxury than Normal Boxers
    • Lightweight and Durable
    • Silk Makes You Feel Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter and Prompts Quality Sleep
    • The Natural Silk Fabric Helps Moisturize Your Skin and Promote Healthy Ventilation
    Good Housekeeping recommends replacing underwear every three to six months, and sooner if they shrink, stretch, or otherwise become uncomfortable or no longer fit properly.
    • Hand wash at or below 30℃
    • Dry Clean
    • Dry in the shade, avoid direct sunlight exposure
    • Iron at low temperature
    • Do not bleach
    • Use neutral or special detergent for silk, such as Tenestar

    About LilySilk:

    Founded in 2010, with over 12 years’ expertise in silk-making, designing, and manufacturing, LilySilk never stops innovating. Their products are crafted with care from 100% natural premium materials, the finest silk, 6A Grade, bringing you ultimate comfort every day and evermore. LilySilk wants to make your life a better experience, and the planet a better place. This commitment is the inspiration that drives them, every day and forevermore.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow Wears LILYSILK!

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Academy Award winning Actress and founder of wellness brand Goop, looked stunning wearing LILYSILK 22MM Gold Piping Silk Pajamas Set in Navy in a story she posted on Instagram yesterday. Noting she’s a fan of the brand, Gwyneth looked radiant and relaxed in the 100% 6A grade mulberry silk, which is exceptionally soft against the skin and is currently available for purchase on https://www.lilysilk.com.There are some similar styles that you can find on Amazon.com.

    Wearing a silk pajama at night is the best way to keep Your skin moisture…

    LILYSILK silk pajamas are made with Grade 6A 100% Mulberry Silk. No chemical residues on these pajamas from the construction process to ensure our customers enjoy the genuine silk products for what they spent for.

    The french seams, attractive notch collar for added appeal, 22 mm heavier silk fabric and fabric-covered buttons enhance the beauty and comfort, relaxed and roomy fit to ensure maximum comfort while lounging and sleeping.

    Better Than Body Cream! Genuine 100% Mulberry Silk at Highest Quality Level

    • LILYSILK classic full length sleepwear, pajama set is perfect for lounging around the house, it can also as a gift for honeymoon, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, bachelorette. You will spend fantastic time with LilySilk silk pajama set.
    • Every woman needs a set of comfortable sleepwear, it can bring you good sleep and quality of life quality.
    • Two piece silk pajama set is one of the most popular and classical Sleepwear of LilySilk.
    • The soft fabric touch like the silky-smooth, softly and comfy to wear.

    Breathable and Smooth-Grade 6A 100% Silk

    • LILYSILK’s silk sleepwear is made from the premium grade Mulberry silk, which has a heavy weight of 22 momme with a 600 thread count
    • Workmanship ensures the quality and every single detail to be best
    • Soft Like Baby Skin & Breathable
    • The silk material has a good drape feeling and the charmeuse side is smooth like water flowing over your skin
    • The silk pajamas is different from satin ones, it can let your skin breathe freely, which can slow down the skin aging process
    • Healthy Like Second Skin & Temperature regulator
    • Natural Silk Fabric, No additives added in our silk pajamas
    • It will regulate your body’s temperature and keep you comfortable all night long.

    These luxurious pajamas in a timeless style will not only feel indulgent against your skin but also help you have a peaceful slumber too, with all silk’s natural benefits. Made from 22 momme Mulberry silk, they come in a variety of colors with contrast piping to the hem, cuff, pockets and placket, and mother-of-pearl buttons. LILYSILK is packed in a beautiful gift box makes it an excellent choice for a sweet gift to who you cherish.