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    The hottest lip gloss this summer

    IMG_4118image1 image2206 Pop Pink – 401P Pearly Red- 104 Brown Beige

    All you really want from a lip gloss is shine and colour – that lasts from day to night. Not a lot to ask for, am I right?

    Make Up For Ever is always on point when it comes to hot, vibrant colours, and their staying power is pretty top-notch too. But their new Artist Plexi Gloss Lip Lacquer is a whole new ball game – the shine catches the light in all the right places. It’s got a really soft shimmer to it, not like super obnoxious glittery, and not like plastic-looking.

    Here’s a play-by-play of how easy it is to get an instant shiny red lip. Just a few quick swipes and voila! 💋


    The main reason it’s my official go-to gloss this summer is because it’s so versatile. Like you don’t have to use a lip liner or lipstick with this, just choose a sheer version for a subtle pop of colour or the opaque version for a bold look. With 35 shades available, I guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing your top three.