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    Fun times at TIME♥

    Last night was sooooo interesting and FUN. Unfortunately for you guys, I only got to document this part of my night… *wicked laugh*
    My lovely Chinny, has been trying to get me to check out TIME (81 Peter street) for a while now, so last night we hit up the patio!
    curly hair fantasies…tell me this wouldn’t be like the best um… dream everrrrrrrr! lol Teisha (left) (hope I spelled it right) you’re just too BEAUTIFUL! And Dowse… oh Dowse ♥
    Hi Dell!!!
    happy people 🙂
    blame it on the… 🙂
    Mr L twas nice meeting you ♥
    Shout out to Phillippe from Belgium!! what a sweet guy! Chinny just kills me lol
    i’m in there somewhere lol
    Fun times! I ♥ you hunny!
    I pretty much forgot about my camera after this… oopsie 🙂
    Right before our night was about to end… it started again lol, but that is NOT documented. Chinese food over at Garden, and we were soon joined by some CRAZY (Interesting) FUN people! T’was a night of laughter, good vibes, and late night/early morning beach adventures!
    Big Kisses

    ps: make sure to check out TIME on Tuesdays and show the Bambi World x TwentyOneMediaGroup team some L-O-V-E!
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