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    I always love when local artists approach us to help get their work seen, this was one of those times… and I love what I got… Beanpie (written by Shaun David Bolden, illustrated by Dino Diaz) is a comic with a lesson about pursuing your passion!!!
    The message is clear and positive, teaching us that; the only limits in life are the ones that we imagine. So nice! Its a cute lil read and I look forward to seeing more!

    Beanpie – estory released weekly
    Apr/2009 – Oct/2009

    Beanpie – Comic Strip
    Urbanology Magazine

    Beanpie: The Graphic Novel
    Coming Soon – Dec/2010

    For More info see the video below and click here & here

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    Sip N Shop LA

    My new friend Victoria invited me to a lil Sip n Shop event this week. It was somewhere between a WWW event and a swap meet. 🙂  Fun times and met some cute artisans.

    Bracelets from EyeKandyUnlimited and bags from the Duchess Club

    One of my faves were the girls from FunSoapStudio and Ching Ching Chang

    and some cuties from Cal State Long Beach
    This is what i wore ^_^

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