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    Making new cards…

    FiDM is filled with fashionistas and amazing outfits everyday. I am always turning my head and one girls outfit or another’s lipgloss. This is a dream for fashion bloggers like myself! Most of the students here are actually not from LA but everywhere in the world. Their style emulates their passion and their work reflects that uniqueness. Here are 2 cards I am making especially for this special group. Stay tuned!

    Which one do you like better?

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    Turquoise Amber Rose

    Regular AmRose @ BET Awards… 

    I kinda of love it. “I” don’t wanna be green but i think it works for her.. plus obvs its not permanent and just for fun!!  Amber Rose, you’re a bad bitch! I hope I run into you in LA 🙂 Word on the street is that she just got signed with FORD models. So…. you were a stripper in Philly then because of your royal flyness, you get noticed by Yeezy and now you are a model for realzy.  That’s basically a great summary of how things work in Los Angeles it seems. UM.

     green or blonde, bad bitches rule

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