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    Unleash Your Badassery With The Love Bomb Company

    Need a little positivity pick-me-up? Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and spread love with the mugs, mason jars, totes, and other awesome essentials from The Love Bomb CompanyCreated to show off the power of positivity, The Love Bomb Company truly believes that one loving intention can change everything. When holding a product, you can feel the power in your hands. It’s not just a coffee mug or tote, but a mantra right in your mitts. The next time you grab your cup from the cupboard or pick up that trendy tote, improveyour day with a daily dose of awesome – The Love Bomb Company!

    Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jenna – the owner, designer, and creator behind The Love Bomb Company – makes spreading some serious love her full-time job. What began as a top secret Instagram account created to blast everyone with love quickly transformed into a company that drops Love Bombs worldwide! Morphing into a thriving business, these posts and words became mason jars, totes, magnets, and more. The Love Bomb Company was born!

    If you’re too fab for all that negativity, treat your friends, family – or yo’ self – to these amazing, life-changing and heart-opening items from a brand beautiful on the inside and out. Put on your positivity pants and explore the different, delightful products from The Love Bomb Company:

    • Coffee MugsWhether you need to just “Meditate On That S**t” or become inspired by the daily “I Can And I Will” mantra, these cute coffee essentials are a fun, friendly reminder for your hot hands! Dishwasher and microwave safe, these magnificent mugs will elevate your mood – handle with care.
    • Mason Jars: “Rise And Shine” to these sweet, 16oz nuggets! Start your day with magical mugs that make everything better. Bring the love wherever you go with The Original Love Bomb, Today I Shall Be Epic, or even Inhale The Good S**t Exhale The Bulls**t”! With a standard one piece white lid included, add a little sparkle to your morning with these adorable mason jars.
    • Totes:Let’s be honest – you are totes amazing! Carry yourself with confidence in two different, beautifully styled totes. Whether you want to wander in The Weekender or hold a lot of love in The Large Grocery Tote, these day boosting bags are great for taking on trips to the store, the park, or even work! Available in “You Are Totes Amazing” and “Boom. You Just Got Loved,” fill her up with some serious intention wherever you’re headed.

    Stay stylish while you spread all kinds of love with the adorable, affirmation obsessed must-haves from The Love Bomb Company!

    All products for The Love Bomb Company can be purchased online at https://www.thelovebombcompany.com.