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    Decorate your home like an Aussie

    The beauty of Australia isn’t just about its geographic distance from other continents, it is also in its unique nature and aesthetics in every sphere of life. When it comes to home decor, Aussies are unique and interesting. It’s all about minimalism, geometrical patterns, nature elements and lighting. Here is how to decorate your home like an Aussie.

    Let the nature inspire you

    With Aussies it is all about wood, rocks, and natural colours. Feel free to put a wooden lampshade, or a wooden hanging chair in your living room. Simply you should recreate the feeling of a rainforest in your home. Lots of plants, zen gardens and many wooden details will help you with that.

    Minimalism with a twist

    You’ve certainly noticed that walls and furniture tend to be white in places with long coastlines. The same goes for Australia, they like to keep it minimalistic. But of course, since they’re a fun bunch, they like to spice things up a little bit with some bold details. For example, put a fire red blanket on your pure white bed sheets, put a garnish yellow pillow on your white couch etc. The key is in making “boring” colour combinations super fun and “happy”.
    Another thing they love are stripes. Not only they are fun, but they also keep the dirt less visible. Spice up your space with a nature-hued striped mat or set of striped pillows on a random place. Browse catalogs of Online Furniture Stores to find accessories that suit this coastal style.

    Give some love to the natural lighting and ventilation

    The best way to save the energy and revive your home is to lean on natural lighting. Open up the blinds and let the sun shine through your windows. Even the 1000 light bulbs can’t replace the warmth and energy the sun.
    Also, since it is all about recreating natural atmosphere, the air in your home should always be fresh. You do this by opening your windows as often as you can, or by using a commercial air purifier such as Oransi. Clean air is important for our mood and especially for our health.

    Have fun

    This means that you should roll up your sleeves and make something unique for your home. The best place to do so is the bathroom or your bedroom. Since it is all about nature and sea, you could buy some artificial starfish in your local gift shop and glue them on your bathroom mirror or a bedroom window.

    Tablecloths are no-no

    Since the beauty of beach type decorating is in its low-maintenance and an informal approach, tablecloths are off limits for sure. There is nothing more Aussie than a cluttered table filled with candles and shells. You will reduce the laundry load and you don’t have to worry about breadcrumbs and food spills – just wipe them off with a dish cloth.

    Sea brainwash

    The brainwash part may sound a little bit disturbing, but don’t worry, we used this word to help you understand that the major point is into making an entire place immediately reminds you of seashore and waves. Place sea paintings everywhere, hang a surfboard on the wall, put up a good ol’ “Gone Fishing” sign on your front door, etc.


    Circles are our friends. Consider putting porthole windows on your doors and round pictures on your walls. You will feel like you are on a ship sailing somewhere far away. Besides that, another signature nautical feature are white-blue stripes with red details. Get some pillows, blankets or rugs with these stripes, put an antique ship’s wheel on your wall and enjoy the sailing atmosphere by sitting in your rocking chair and having some rum.  



    Take a vintage reproduction trunk and use it as a cute coffee table in your living room. Decorate it with a nice inscription, hurricane lamp and some driftwood. The great thing about this “coffee table” is that it’s also really practical, because you can store all the stuff that makes some sort of “mess” inside of it.

    Cushions are your canvas

    The last, but certainly not least detail are cushions. How would you react if we told you that a printed hessian sack can be a fabulous cushion cover? Their down to earth look goes great with every interior, especially the white “beachy” one.

    As you can see, the key in copying Aussie style is in being as laid-back as they are and having fun with some unexpected details. You will see that you will learn all the tricks as soon as you start following this advice and your friends will start to think that maybe you’re an Aussie too. If you have some more decorating ideas, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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    Pink Kitchens

    Lately I have been obsessed with decor. I have been buying decor magazines and just planning my future house. I think I’ll need a huge house  because of all these ideas I got. This one though has got to be my favourite. PINK kitchens! I think it looks so cute. So hip, so fresh, so me and I love it!!!

    What do you guys think?? Fresh? Hip?


    My FAVORITE !!!!



    Love Love Love.

    What do you guys think ? Like the pink kitchens or no?

    xo Tanya

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    Not for Squares

    I heart the “love collection!”

    I was sitting in @CocktailsbyGateau’s bedroom the other day, and couldn’t help but admire how she’d “dolled up” the sterile white walls that these condos come with… Betty Page posters, Victorian themed chalk boards, loads of absolute fabulousness! Later that night, I couldn’t help but cringe at how bare my walls were. For someone with my type of personality I thought this was pretty weird…Apart from my work/school schedule, and the “formula”byBella poster that’s strategically placed so it’s the first thing I see when I get up, I got nothing.

    I want the fairy tale!
    As a teenager I loved putting up posters of all kinds of things; it was kinda like motivation, or admiration whatever lol, but I guess we all grow out of certain things. NOT. It’s time my walls got a little dirty, this sterile feel just ain’t cutting it! I did a little google’n and happily stumbled upon the Coulson Macleod Collections; “Art with attitude. Not for squares.”. Ding Ding Ding!

    The canvases are printed using pigmented inks, and sealed with UV protecting varnish. If looked after correctly they could last you as long as 100 years! A definite must-have!

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    Dawn Okoro

    Born in Houston, Texas, Dawn Okoro holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Juris Doctor from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Her artwork incorporates photography, collage, and ideas from popular culture.
    Okoro’s work was most recently on exhibit at the 2009 Texas Biennial.