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    Lashes Hookup!

    Attention makeup artists and beauty artists.. Here is a must have. A lot of people approach me and ask me where I get my lashes. They are great quality, terrific in photos and cheap enough to use all the time. Affordable beauty trends stem from Asia! Asian girls in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong.. etc wear these everywhere and everyday! PS: If you are every looking for anything made in china, check alibaba.com. Recession = opportunity for entrepreneurs!

    They are really easy to put on once you have practiced.
    1, curl your lashes.
    2, put a thin strip of lash glue (duo is my fave).
    3, WAIT about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, the voila! DOLL FACE

    If you are in the Toronto area, hit up my girl Lucy for cases of lashes for $20! Tell her I sent you and get $5 OFF

    Lucy – Wei Wei Cosmetics (US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea)
    222 Spadina Ave 2nd Floor Counter# 7. Go up the escalator and turn LEFT!

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