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    Styling with Luke Storey

    Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be one of twenty students to attend a styling workshop put on by School of Style at the Smashbox Studios.

    Luke Storey styled for Kanye, Marilyn Manson, American Idols and tons of celebs and normal people alike. His a rock and roll music stylist with 10 yrs of experience. He is also the founder of School of Style

    His breadth, depth and perception of the industry is priceless. He is also brutally honest and funny as hell. But smart! And that is always a plus.

    For anyone who wants to know that what is what and who is who of the fashion industry, this will be the best 9 hours of your life that you spend! I had tons of fun and totally recommend to stylist-wannabes. Students from all over came to attend this class, one girl even flew in from New Orleans for the class! A also saw a handful of FiDM girls

    I didn’t get tons of photos but you get the point!