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    Napoleon Perdis

    One of the biggest makeup brands in Australia, Napoleon Perdis came to visit the Beauty Prestige Circle last week!  We got to meet with Napoleon himself. A fabulous makeup artist, entrepreneur, visionary and inspiration to us all. An attorney by trade, he decided to go into MAKEUP and we are so glad that he did. 

    Rocking a DSquared belt and fashionable garms, Napoleon is the real deal.

    He’s a Pisces- Aries cusp! That means he is a dreamer and a doer.

    Sona, Napoleon and me! Super glossy!

    Here are the goodies. 
    The Protege lipgloss is the business!

    You can get it through DermStore.com, Target or off NapoleonPerdis.com

    Gloss Patrol with @NapoleonPerdis

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    CoverFX – Beauty Blogger’s Event

    Last week I had the opportuntity to be one of the few to attend CoverFX’s Beauty Blogger’s event for their 10 year Anniversary… ohhhhh so lucky am I!!! I’m in love!!!
    Beauty + Medical = CoverFX!
    The coverage is incredible, the texture is insane & its boss for you skin!
    I got a first-hand look at the ‘Uncover Flawless’ campaign launching for Spring/Summer 2010 and had the opportunity to learn about the products. If I broke down all the reasons to use this make-up, the posting would extend past the page and it would become a novel instead of a blog posting, so I’ll allow you to do that for yourselves… but some things I will mention are:
    • Cover FX is the only cosmetic where the line is a treatment for your skin
    • Cover FX is great for any skin condition; rosacea, acne, dark circles, aging, oily, etc.
    • Cover FX is paraben & emmoliant free
    • Cover FX is full of antioxidants, minerals & SPF’s
    Prepping for demos

    How-to apply ‘The Big Cover Up’ 3 step essentials kit

    Officially the make-up used by Ang Jolie to cover her tatts in films

    I’ve worn it everyday since the event!!!

    To learn more visit: http://www.coverfx.com/

    Peep their blogs:

    Cover FX Co-Creator,Le Graff, on skin concerns
    Cover FX Foundation Artist, Wanda Longo, on make-up trends

    Buy CoverFX:

    in Canada @ Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, The bay
    in the US @ Sephora, Nordstrom, Naimie’s Beauty Center
    in the UK @ Harvey Nichols


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    Rimmel London Adds a Little Colour to Your World

    Just got a sneak peek of some fun new products from Rimmel London’s new spring/summer collection, they’re giving us the ultimate London Fashionista look.

    Having short eye lashes has been my burden to carry (lol), but I’ve learned that the bigger the mascara wand, the more length and volume I get. The brush in the new MAX Volume Flash Mascara is their biggest brush ever and has helped my non-existent lashes to be fuller, longer, faster!

    My new obsession has become Rimmel London’s new ‘Royal Gloss’… full of vitamins, I almost need to apply this gloss with a mirror, it goes on so smoothly and soft, not sticky at all. Vitamin infused with A, C and E to give your lips some TLC.

    Most girls love to play with make-up; fun lipsticks, new shadow mixes… so, of course as soon as I got Glam Eyes in ‘Spice Bronze’ I got straight to playing… this monochromatic shadow is easy to use, crease-proof and soft as silk for a nice, even application. All day last, without fading.
    Take a peek at mine, then grab a few for yourself… the price tags are definitely affordable (the items mentioned range from $4.99-$8.99 each).

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    Beauty – New Hard Candy

    Amazing news! Hard Candy has totally rebranded and is launching a new website. They are not available and selling at Wal-Mart! Yay! I always think there is the everyday essentials and then the splurges – now Hard Candy can be that in between!  I remember going crazy over the first eyeshadows I discovered at airport duty-frees in 2001. Now they are… EVERYWHERE.  What do you think of brands that change direction and go mass?  Is it okay? I think so. I wonder if the quality and appeal is still there.  If you pick some up – let me know how it compares!

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    If Shoppers x Sephora had a baby…

    It would be Ulta. Have you been to this place? I went to the one in West Hollywood (Santa Monica & La Brea) after dropping off my Acer netbook to GeekSquad. This place is pretty much Shopper’s x Sephora. They carry a lot of great brands like Smashbox, Benefit, Essie, OPI, and store brand Ulta cosmetic everything! This place has great savings, a full spa/hair services available and a lot of samples and coupons. The store is huge and there is also one at Burbank and one in Pasadena… so recessionistas – this one is for you, check out Ulta. 🙂