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    Melody Eh$ani

    This girl aint playing! Melody Ehsani is the name that will be rolling off your stylish little tongue this summer. If you don’t know about her, get familiar! Her resume is star studded, her shoes are fierce, her jewelry is bang on and she is so so special. Who is she? She is the design behind Bey’s fringe sunglasses, Mariah’s earrings and necklace in her Dream video and Amber Rose’ chain ring. WHAT! Guess where she is based out of.. LA!!! YAY!!!

    Crystal bamboo hoops?!?! Fly girl stomping shoes!?!? STOP IT!

    Pink soles!! Customize jewelry?!?!? OMG HEAVEN.

    Check out what she is all about here http://www.melodyehsani.com
    She is on FACEBOOK and we have 15 mutual friends?!
    Follow her on Twitter

    Screaming I WANT IT ALL!

    What I love about her is that her website starts by saying: I am ENOUGH and I am not my history. I absolutely identify and am liberated by her statement. Buy her stuff, support her artistry and surround yourself with like minded people and let your haters be your motivators!

    Wait you want more? Hell ya!

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    Mariah in Zohan

    Mariah Makes More than Cameo in Zohan
    “Hi guys!

    So I just got back from the Toronto Premiere of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (I am the lead promo hair stylist for the movie here in Toronto) and Mariah Carey makes more than a cameo in the movie!

    Let me start off by saying the movie is hilarious and everyone must go to see it! I cannot remember the last time I heard an entire audience laugh so hard and at so many times throughout the movie!

    The lead Zohan, played by Adam Sandler, is a terrorist who wants to become a hair dresser in NYC. He wears in virtually every other scene of the movie a Mariah Carey T-shirt, the promo shot from Rainbow but also the promo T-shirt from The Adventures of Mimi Tour where she is wearing the purple baby doll dress.

    In about three-fourths into the movie, Mariah makes her first appearance. Everyone is at the Hacky Sack game in a large stadium and after the initial announcements on players and special guests, they announce Mariah Carey is there to sing the national anthem. She does, and sings a couple of lines, incredibly of course! She is wearing a hot pink mini dress with a ridiculous amount of cleavage (which they mock later – Mariah fully acknowledging and making fun of with). She looks magnificent, not as slender as she is right now but all in all healthy, glowing and happy! Cut to a few minutes later and I am surprised to see Mariah appear again!

    This time in her dressing room being prepped by her hair stylist (real life stylist Lew Ablahani) while a fight breaks out. It cuts back to her many times until almost the final credits and every time they cut back to her she is seemingly so more and more like a diva! She pokes fun at herself as well as others in the movie. All in all, Mariah played an excellent job in doing herself or at least as most people perceive her to be.

    Alexander Christopher – http://www.alexanderchristopher.com
    Toronto Lead Promo Stylist – You Dont Mess With The Zohan”