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    Petite Feet Sample Sale

    My PF Sale Jessica Simpson boots 🙂

    WOW, nothing gets me excited the way a shoe sale does. I am catching my flight at 8pm back to LA but I stopped by to say hello to the amazing Petite Feet team setting up for this weekends big sale. (click the pink flyer on the right) What a treat! There are the cutest boots for Fall and Winter as well as a whole bunch of stuff for Spring 2010! I took my mom and my dog along with me and we took some quick snapshots of what you are going to expect! My mom thinks I’m totally crazy and infatuated with shoes. She is right 🙂

    There are just way too many good deals and gasping for cuteness shoes at the sale. I am telling you, don’t sleep on this one! BCBG is going hard with the platforms, Jessica Simpson is going skyhigh and candybar-heels (imagine a high long flat heel like a chocolate bar), wedges are in, colors are in, patterns are in and textures are in. I can’t wait to show you what I picked up! But first, I want to know what you ladies got all weekend so leave a comment 🙂