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    Celebrating Courage Mimi+Me

    I first blogged about Mimi+You for the Sex and the City Movie necklaces back in 2008. I am so excited to see that they are giving back to the community in such a positive way to raise awareness for a very important issue.MiMi+You Celebrate Courage Survivors of abuse create one-of-a-kind necklaces to inspire empowerment and change TORONTO, ON – Violence against women: an all too common occurrence in North America and globally, yet still remains a taboo subject amongst mainstream media. At times glamorized by celebrities, the seriousness of the issue is often overshadowed by misrepresentations in the media. Abuse is often portrayed as isolated, rare cases. Despite a woman’s…

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    The 60th Annual Emmy Awards are getting a taste of Canada’s fashion talent! This year’s VIP Swag Bags will feature necklaces by Canadian jewelry makers Mitra and Mina Mortazavi. Mimi+You’s Hollywood inspiration for these pieces came from fashionista Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, and the classic children’s story Charlotte’s Web.The famous inspirations that got them to the Emmys: · Charlotte’s Crochet: Inspired by the intricate detail of crochet work done by the sisters’ mother, each piece is hand crafted and made of 100% Prima cotton imported from Peru. The piece was third in a trilogy of necklaces inspired by Charlotte’s Web. · Carrie Pearls: Inspired by the way…