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    In the Biz: What the HELLZ?

    HellzBellz is a clothing line from LA that has gained street credibility and recognition on fashion blogs. I had the pleasure to visit their head office for a sample sale!  

    Like many clothing brands, they interact with their people via Twitter and their blog. I like it when brands do that for two reasons. The first being I love seeing where their inspirations comes from and 2, I love a company run by like-minded individuals. 

    They are self described as “a contemporary clothing brand catering to the burgeoning class of rebellious youth. Interconnected and ever opinionated, this global community consisting of artists, musicians, and designers lead the world in the creation of subculture. Hellz recognizes this class and celebrates their movement.”   I like that. 

    ^_^ Vanessa and I. We heart HELLZ ^_^

    Lanie B, the founder and creative director of HellzBellz is exactly how you expect her to be.  A bad bitch for real.  Here is how she sees herself:

    My name is Lanie… ‘Misslawn” if you nasty and I’m the HBIC [head bitch in charge(?)] definitely ain’t the cutesy, damsel in distress type chick… more like the balls to the wall / book worm type. I’m a wanna-be magician, freakishly strong, and short but definitely not sweet. When not obsessing over vampires or cookin’ up some new-new shit, you can find me stuffing my face, shopping OR stuffing my face while shopping. “everything I love is illegal, immoral or fattening”

    There is just something so appealing about a chick who can live out loud and face herself in the mirror and smile. Love it. Everything that you imagine can only come into fruition when you take the steps to make it happen. *claps*

    Be whoever you want to be, no one can do you better than you.

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