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    Headphone Necklace from @ShopMixology

    I love, love this cute headphone necklace from online boutique, Mixology. Mixology is the self-described fashion destination for women “who care more about style than about brand names.” Almost everything is under $100!

    At $40 a pop, these earbud headphones look just like a necklace. You can either wear them around your neck or like traditional headphones. When they’re around you neck, you can take the earbuds out and just let them hang when you’re not listening to them.

    The sound is really good and it comes with replacement buds covers, a carrying sack, and an extension piece to make the cord longer. Another convenient feature is the built in microphone that allows you to use the headphones for hands-free talking on the phone.

    I love them because they are unique and stylish. On my daily commute I see people with all types of headphones but I’ve never seen anyone with these. I’ve already gotten compliments–these are definitely on my favorite accessories list!

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    Five Alive

    Happy weekend everyone. I want to share with you the 5 things that makes me feel alive and happy! If you don’t know about them…now you do. Feel free to share your ideas and favorite things by commenting.

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    Super Kawaii… Do it up for Spring 2010

    You *need* to Google this if you don’t know! It’s like Orbitz + Dippin Dots all grown up. Loves.

    ::Let me know which one is your favorite::