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    Shawty GET IT IN!

    I was sooo disappointed to read so many negative tweets about Beyonce’s VMA performance last night, (especially from women! you should be ashamed of yourselves for not congratulating a VERY HARD WORKING woman.) That I simply had to say something…
    They talked about how she has half naked, some people didn’t like her dancing, some people said they saw things they didn’t wanna see bla bla bla.. Were you watching??? I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but I think she’s a great artist/performer. So all I wanna know is, for all the people that were talking smack, how many of you could’ve pulled off that performance? Or even raked in the numbers (both $$$ and album sales) that she has in her career??? *hear’s a pin drop*, didn’t think so; so instead of being “hateful” why not simply give credit where credit’s due?
    For those who still aren’t sure if Bey’s got it; in the friendly words of her hubby, “I think I better give you a REMINDER, here it is!”

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    Loved it!

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    Just In Case You Missed It!

    Love, Love LOVEDDDDD this performance… with all the drama of the night it was a great way to conclude the evening in a major way!!! I got goose bumps!!! One thing though… I’ll put the question out there, as it seems to still be unanswered, and based on my twitter fam still blasting out the “#lilmamais”… WTF was lil mama doing on-stage @ the end!!! If you look around 5:33 on this video it looks like Jigga looks at her like “wtf are u DOING up here” and then brushes her off when he walks up front to Alicia… either way… WTF!!!
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    Taylor baby

    It’s the real world out there… and people like Kanye live there… It’s like a giant high school and there’s always gonna to be bullies. But in all fairness, it had nothing to do with you and it’s more about Kanye tryna show love to Beyonce and how much he hates MTV. That’s all. *muah*

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