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    Last month, Heydoyou was invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic, CA-based Murad brand at Westfield UTC San Diego! In celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary, Murad founded by renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad – is embarking on its innovative Wellness Vault pop-up experience, a first-of-its-kind experiential activation for a prestige skincare brand.

    The “Wellness Vault” pop-up is a one-stop-shop for unlocking a healthy lifestyle. The pop-up encourages guests to unlock their own wellness by way of a free-standing vault. Differing from traditional wellness, Murad’s approach is backed by science and supported by clinical studies. To bring the brand’s science-backed wellness to life, the vault encompasses Dr. Murad’s four core philosophies: Be Kind to Your Mind, Eat Your Water, Awaken Your Body and Nourish Your Skin. Each value is represented within the wellness vault through experiential touchpoints, including meditative sound baths, skin consultations with Dr. Murad, an interactive de-stressing intention wall, fresh fruit juices and more.

    Prestige skincare brand, Murad® known for its highly efficacious skincare, has created a multi-pronged, immersive experience that encourages guests to unlock their own wellness by way of a free-standing vault. Differing from traditional wellness, Murad’s approach is backed by science and supported by clinical studies. The brands purpose is to offer a one-on-one, authentically bespoke experience with the vault’s attendees to develop rooted relationships and amplify the aspect of human connection to Murad’s brand affinity.

    A Champion of Modern Wellness®, Dr. Murad built his career on the belief that skincare is healthcare – an integral piece of our body’s interconnected wellness puzzle. He created his namesake brand in 1989 to not only share his innovative skincare formulas, which were among the first to show measurable results without surgery, but to also advance his research on the effects of the environment, nutrition and lifestyle on the skin. Dr. Murad was the first to identify Cultural Stress™, or the stress of modern living, as a health threat. His Modern Wellness® program seeks to connect the dots for a 360° wellness lifestyle including cellular hydration, nutrition, mental wellness, joyful exercise and creative expression.

    This philosophy, invented by Dr. Murad, forms the backbone of Murad’s innovative 30th Anniversary Wellness Vault pop-up experience, a first-of-its-kind experiential activation for a prestige skincare brand. The tour would stop in three cities through June and July 2019; a one-stop-shop for unlocking a healthy lifestyle.

    “Skin is the body’s window to wellness. When you care for your body and mind, this reflection and result is evident on your skin. Our activation provides examples of how to encourage a well-rounded lifestyle which will then inadvertently nourish your skin,” said Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad®.

    To celebrate Murad’s commitment to philanthropy during the brand’s 30th anniversary year, the popular Hydration product lineup will be offered in limited-edition packaging throughout the month of June, featuring the brand’s signature black cherry hue. For every Hydration product sold from June 1st to June 30th, one Murad SPF product will be given to patients at City of Hope, a top cancer treatment and research center in Southern California, with a minimum product donation of 20,000 units. Additionally, Murad will make a monetary donation to City of Hope for its efforts in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

    “We are excited for this chance to genuinely connect with our customers and share our brand purpose of an inside out, body/mind approach to skincare. It’s an experiential opportunity that goes beyond a website or a social post, allowing us to forge tangible relationships.” said Murad® CEO, Michelle Shigemasa.

    The Wellness Vault pop-up debuted at Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles on June 22nd and continued to Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall on June 29th and finally to Westfield UTC San Diego on July 13th. Each location is supported by robust in-store events with retailer partner, Sephora, where shoppers will be treated to product giveaways, one-on-one consultations with Dr. Murad, mini facials, a D.J. and more.

    Additionally, over 70 retail events ran during National Hydration Day weekend, June 21st to 23rd, at Sephora across all major U.S. markets to amplify Murad’s core pillars of wellness featuring the Hydration collection in limited life packaging.

    Lulu’s favorite products from Murad Hydration collection.

    Revitalixir Recovery Serum

    Combats signs of stress-induced aging.

    Sphere-infused serum for the face and eyes smooths stress lines, reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles, and renews vibrancy immediately and over time.

    A skin-relaxing blend of neuropeptide, paracress and cannabis sativa seed oil helps smooth while boosting softness and moisture. Niacinamide refines texture as wild indigo helps calm stress signals and visibly reduces under-eye dark circles. Caffeine re-invigorates tone while minimizing under-eye puffiness.

    • Unique delivery system relaxes (sphere) and revives (gel)
    • Hyaluronic acid and cannabis sativa seed oil hydrate

    Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser

    4-in-1 makeup-removing cleanser replenishes with prebiotics.

    A gel-to-oil, makeup-removing cleanser that nourishes with prebiotics to balance skin’s microbiome for healthier-looking skin. This 4-in-1, non-drying formula features an ultra-cleansing peptide to melt makeup, dirt and excess oil, while moisturizing emollients deeply hydrate.

    • Removes dirt, excess oil & waterproof makeup
    • Nourishes with prebiotics & deeply hydrates

    Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++

    Invisible SPF treatment blurs, primes & protects.

    Velvety-smooth, colorless primer with advanced skin benefits primes for 12 hours of flawless makeup wear.

    Soft-Focus Complex glides over skin, reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven texture.

    • Primes for 12 hours of flawless makeup wear
    • Velvety-smooth; non-comedogenic

    Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

    A treatment that repairs skin overnight to give you the radiant,
    healthier-looking skin associated with a good night’s sleep.

    An overnight treatment that combats the signs of sleep deprivation including lines, wrinkles, dryness and lack of radiance. This chronopeptide and tri-enzyme treatment, in sync with the body’s circadian rhythm, supports natural repair for renewed skin vibrancy. Formulated with a patent-pending aroma technology that is shown to enhance sleep quality.

    • Use like a sleeping mask (after applying moisturizer)
    • The morning after, clients agree that skin looks refreshed, awakened, more hydrated and well-rested

    For more information on Murad®, visit www.Murad.com or connect with the brand on Instagram.


    Founded in 1989, Murad is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to encouraging people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Backed by 19 unique patents and a 30-year legacy of research and clinical testing, Dr. Murad’s unique philosophy is a whole person approach to health and beauty that inspires people to nourish their skin, awaken their body through physical activity, “eat” their water by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables, and be kind to their mind.

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    Murad – REVITALIXIR™ RECOVERY SERUM for face and eyes

    Get ready for the season’s change? Not yet… The weather becomes a little weird and cool down so fast, I still keep my mind in the summer though. What should I do to maintain my energy with a good mood and a good…skin!

    Having a good skin is so important to me during the season’s change, because that makes me feel like not aging. A nice serum helps a lot! This is the one I use right now – Murad!

    For decades, Dr. Murad has been a leader in modern skincare and stress-related care, even identifying Cultral Stress™, the phenomenon induced by the demands of modern-day living. While stress is a healthy adaptation reflex (fight-or-flight response), today’s constant high stress levels put stress hormones like cortisol on a constant drip, flooding our systems and triggering unwanted side effects, including a compromised skin condition that shows on the surface as accelerated aging. In fact, a high stress lifestyle makes you look up to 3 ½ years older.*

    While there are many products for aging, the visible damaging effects of stress have largely been ignored. To address the visible effects of stress, Dr. Murad has developed Revitalixir Recovery Serum, a modern and important addition to the everyday regimen.

    Revitalixir Recovery Serum is a face and eye serum that addresses stress-induced aging and instantly revives for a quick pick-me-up. It targets the expression lines, dullness and dehydration associated with stress.

    The sphere-infused serum is composed of an inner core and outer gel. With each use, the inner core releases cannabis and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and paracress extract to immediately smooth the skin. The outer serum delivers a neuropeptide that helps relax expression lines as wild indigo helps calm skin’s stress signals and reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles.

    Revitalixir Recovery Serum join’s Murad’s Age Reform® collection of high-performing anti-wrinkle treatments, serums and creams that boost hydration and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for smoother, healthier-looking skin with a youthful glow.

    Key Ingredients:

    1. Cannabis (hemp seed oil) – Soothes and nourishes the skin, imparts softness and moisture, relieves dryness and visibly minimizes wrinkles.

    2. Wild Indigo – Quickly calms skin’s stress signals to help improve skin’s luminosity; evens tone and improves appearance of under eye dark circles.

    3. Paracress extract – Rich in alkylamides, which have been shown to help improve skin firmness and minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

    4. Caffeine – Has antioxidant properties that diffuse skin-damaging free radicals to help smooth skin and re-invigorate tone. Combats the signs of fatigue and stress on skin, including under-eye puffiness, dullness and a loss of tone when applied topically.

    5. Neuropeptide – Unique anti-aging peptide specifically designed to address skin wrinkling caused by repetitive facial expressions.

    Price: $89 for 1.35 FL OZ

    Availability: Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum has been available nationwide beginning September 2018.

    Get you Murad and let us go through the season change in a good mood!

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    The New Kind of Stress That’s Affecting Your Skin





    Leading Prestige Skincare Brand Hopes to Halt the Effects of Cultural Stress on the Skin by Enabling the Power of Human Connections

    In today’s always-on world, people are more digitally-connected than ever before – yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways. That’s why Murad®, the pioneering clinical skincare brand, is launching the EyesUp Campaign, a new initiative designed to educate people about the danger of digital-only relationships and the power of real-world human connection. Through the campaign, Murad is encouraging people around the world to go “EyesUp” and connect with one another in real life.

    Renowned as the “Father of Internal Skincare,” Dr. Murad’s groundbreaking work and research over the past decade has centered on helping people cope with Cultural Stress™, or the stress of modern living. The hallmarks of Cultural Stress include digital dependency, the inability to disconnect from work, and lowered self-esteem due to increased social expectations.

    “As a dermatologist, I believe that healthy skin is a direct reflection of how you live your life. But today, nearly all of us are living in an increasingly stressful, always-on environment,” said Dr. Howard Murad, Murad. “The irony of technological advancement is that we are more digitally connected than ever before, yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways. This has profound implications for our skin, health, and ultimately happiness.”

    In fact, this type of constant and pervasive stress has tremendous health consequences, which are particularly visible on the skin. Chronic stress, like that from Cultural Stress, has been shown to weaken immunity, increase inflammation, and accelerate aging[1].  Through the EyesUp campaign, Murad hopes to use its brand expertise on the topic to empower people to connect by disconnecting, thereby taking action against their own form of Cultural Stress.

    The campaign kicks-off today with the launch of an educational film created to raise awareness about the power of human connection. The campaign video, directed by acclaimed director Kassim Norris and produced by HECHO EN 72, the production company situated inside award-winning creative agency 72andSunny, depicts the physical and emotional tolls digital dependence takes through the lens of various people living in social isolation.

    Murad is also launching a content hub (www.EyesUp.com) to educate people about digital dependence and social isolation, and take the EyesUp pledge. The in-depth resource will include new research, tips and tools for unlocking the power of human connection, and articles from expert contributors including neuroscientist and mind-body expert Dr. Claudia Aguirre and the renowned research organization Sputnik Observatory, dedicated to the study of contemporary culture.

    To coincide with the external consumer launch of EyesUp, Murad is unveiling an innovative employee engagement program. Beginning today, each employee is invited to take the EyesUp Diagnostic Quiz to measure their own levels of Cultural Stress. Based on this diagnostic tool, Dr. Murad will host EyesUp “Office Hours” for employees to get a prescription for coping with their unique source of Cultural Stress.

    Additionally, Murad has installed EyesUp Digital Device Stations in each conference room to encourage device-free meetings and deeper connections with one another throughout the day. The organization has also created “EyesUp Zones” throughout the office where employees are encouraged to talk with one another face-to-face over complimentary drinks and water-rich fruits and snacks.

    Throughout 2017, the EyesUp campaign will be supported by a robust social media campaign, public relations efforts, and in-store retail activations. This is the first in a multi-year commitment to helping people unlock the power of human connection.

    Here are some products I recommend:

    City Skin Duo $135

    2-piece set
    Every day, our skin is faced with the harmful effects of the world around us; blue light from devices, pollution from cars and smog, infrared radiation from warming devices like stoves or microwaves, and of course, UV rays from the sun. Care for your skin around the clock with the City Skin® collection of breakthrough formulas. Shield skin during the day from the main causes of damage with City Skin® Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ and detoxify and revitalize skin overnight with City Skin® Overnight Detox Moisturizer for a radiant glow by morning.

    City Skin® Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ shields skin from:

    • 96% of pollution*
    • 89% of Blue Light from devices**
    • 52% of Infrared Light*

    Rapid Resurfacing Peel $44

    In 1989, Dr. Murad revolutionized anti-aging skincare with breakthrough Glycolic Acid technologies. Today, Glycolic Acid is the gold standard for exfoliation and Dr. Murad remains a leading expert on its use to renew skin’s youthful appearance.
    Experience Dr. Murad’s renowned glycolic anti-aging treatment at home. This extra-strength peel helps reverse signs of aging and detoxify skin. A powerful blend of 10% Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C instantly retexturizes skin, enhances radiance, and evens tone without irritation. Textured towelettes allow for targeted application of active ingredients and removal of surface cells exposed to toxic pollutants that have accumulated throughout the day.
    Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel $45
    2.0 FL. OZ.
    This lightweight, yet powerful treatment gel helps treat acne and prevent breakouts while gently exfoliating for clearer, healthier-looking skin. Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel’s Hydrogen Peroxide delivery system maximizes the efficacy of Salicylic Acid, Retinol, and Glycolic Acid, going to work immediately to help clear skin.



    Founded in 1989, Murad is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to encouraging people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Backed by 19 unique patents and a 30-year legacy of research and clinical testing, Murad’s unique philosophy, called Connected Beauty, is a whole person approach to health and beauty that inspires people to nourish their skin, awaken their body through physical activity, “eat” their water by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables, and be kind to their mind. To learn more about Murad and its products, visit www.murad.com.