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    Go Beyonce Go Beyonce!!!

    I dunno about the title, it just seemed right, avoiding the rhyme. ‘Countdown’ is the track… but this video, to me, is a testimonial to the husslaaa that is Ms. Beyonce Knowles. Even while “with child”, she’s on the grind, making it work. Visually, this is one of the most engaging videos she (or anyone else in a mainstream environment) has done in a very long time! Drums, thong, Andy Warhol, pop art, head shots… I Love this video, take it in and applaud with me! xo

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    Britney’s back with “Criminal”

    With a hot (fake) tatt’d Jason Trawick (Britney’s real life man – friend) in this video, Brit heats it up! Is it true that all good girls fall for criminals?       Do you love it?   xoxo Kaycee @misskayceeleigh

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    Someone Like You

    A very special friend called today and told me about this video… I’m not sure how I missed it’s premiere back in September, maybe because I’ve been so invested in the album! During a major break-up, the simplicity and “realness” of Adele’s ’21’ album got me through and brought me out on the other side… more grown, with more wisdom and more strength. I remember, when I first fell for this song, wondering how the creative direction of the video would go… the words are so powerful… what approach would be taken?  I think director, Jake Nava, did an incredible job of committing to the inevitable flaws of love, romance…

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    Lady Gaga’s Judas premieres tonight!

    OK little monsters..are you ready??!! Superstar Lady Gaga has joined forces with E! to unveil the world premiere of her latest – and perhaps most talked about – music video for her upcoming single “Judas.” Its going to air in its entirety on E! NEWS on TONIGHT @ 7 p.m on E! And tomorrow there will be an exclusive and revealing interview with Lady Gaga on Friday, May 6 at 7 p.m on E! NEWS. Hope you are excited for the originality, creativity and crazy that is Lady Gaga.

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    #NP :: Your Love ~ DDM, Trey Songz, Rick Ross

    In case its not obvious yet, I’m completely a fan of Diddy – Dirty Money… paired with Trey Songz and Ricky Ross the Boss? I love this song! The video has a sign in and warning that you must be 18 years of age to watch so I’ll pass the message along… one of the best videos of this year. Love this song. Uggh. **Video Courtesy of YouTube**

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    Kewl Kids

    Caleb on set A few evenings ago my lil manzy, Caleb, & I visited some friends on-set of a music video… Caleb had the time of his life; dressing up in LouisV, hanging out with the band, break dancing for the video girls, performing his renditions of several Drake tracks for the crew… I happened to over-hear one group discussing how cool that experience must be for Caleb as a 7 year old, comparing childhood experiences. Finally one said to me… “your kid is sick! My mum would never have exposed me to things like this, you have a really kewl kid!”… after thanking them it occurred to me, times…