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    White House Black Market

    After looking over pages and pages of gorg pumps and cute coats, eventually ‘White House Black Market’ started catching my eye… over and over again! First it was the shoes, then a pair of gloves and then I began prowling through the website, you should too!

    Their story is wow’ing too… starting off as a single boutique calling themselves ‘The White House’ the shop’s unique concept was to be filled with gorg clothing and accessories, all in different shades of white and ivory. They later grew expanding the original idea opening ‘The Black Market’ and soon after, in ’97, combining the two boutiques to make ‘White House Black Market’!

    Today with over 300 boutiques and ad’s throughout the best of high-fashion’s magazines, worn by Naomi Watts & Michelle Obama (among many others), I foresee ‘White House Black Market’ being a must-have brand for those who love fair-priced fashion!!!

    “we’re dedicated to making you feel that every place you go is more beautiful
    …simply because you’re there”

    For more visit the site!!!

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