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    What was your favourite thing about @WMCFashionWeek SS14??

    I got to do a quick little interview with Carcia, Theresa and Telly while we were backstage during World MasterCard Fashion Week; about what their favourite thing about fashion week was.

    20131024_163807Every season, despite the exhaustion and the sore feet; as soon as fashion week struts into the city, we excitedly rush to the tents without any questions asked. My favourite thing about fashion week was really getting to hang out with all my  friends, and I was so blessed to make some new ones as well. There was something kinda playful in the air this season, as you can totally tell by majority of the pictures and videos that I have posted.


    Everyone was very easy going, friendly, chatty, I even got a few people to dance with me! It was awesome. We just wanted to see some good shows, while hanging out with great company, and that’s what we got. I have so many wonderful and hilarious memories from this season of World MasterCard Fashion Week, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you, so THANK YOU 🙂 Ese, thank you for matching my crazy this season, you were great!

    *big fat kisses*


    ps: My favourite shows: NARCES, Maison Matthew Gallagher, Target, David Dixon, Caitlin Power, Travis Taddeo, Cara Cheung, Laura Siegel, MBStartUp and Christopher Bates. What were yours?