@cinemasecrets Brush Cleaner

Usually I wash my brushes in soap and water, lay them out to dry and call it a day. I got a sample of Cinema Secrets Professional Brush cleaner and of course I tried it. My my, I was blown away how my brushed went back to their ORIGINAL shape, color. Woweee.

Brush Cleaner is required to do two things. First, it should clean brushes by removing all makeup (any type) from your brushes and condition the brushes to promote the longevity needed for a profesional quality brush. Second, the brush cleaner needs to santitize and remove all bacteria from the brush. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is the only Brush Cleaner that will completly remove 99.9% of the bacteria in your brush.

This is my go-to product now and it’s quick and easy to use. Thanks for the sample or I would have never known how nasty my brushes were 🙁

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