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    No Strings Attached

    She said no flowers… So he brought her carrots.

    Sometimes you meet someone great who wants to give you the whole world. They do everything you ask, care about you in a way you never experienced, they want more and say all the things they are suppose to. But the problem lies deep within yourself . I had a conversation last week with my beau du jour and I really didn’t realize how screwed up I was until I met him. I absolutely empathize with Natalie Portman’s character. A lot of Oos and Ahhs in this movie but it’s no blockbust.

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    Black Swan Movie

    When I saw the trailer for this, I knew it was going to be amazing!  Natalie Portman is a dancer and trained in ballet, tap and jazz since she was 4 so it was no surprise when she nailed this role with impeccable dance skills and incredible acting.

    The music created just the right amount of suspense, the dance studio parts made me yearn to put on pointe shoes again!  The makeup during her last performance was breath taking!  Someone has to to a tutorial on this make up!  Here is one that I found on YouTube.  Can’t wait to start my ballet classes at Peridance in NYC 🙂

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