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    Music eh! Negar

    For this segment of Music eh! I bring you Negar. Thanks for sharing this with us girl!

    About Negar:
    “My whole life has been dictated by my surroundings. I was born in Tehran, but had to leave at an early age because of war and revolution. I grew up splitting my time between Abu Dhabi and Canada. This obvious divide between cultural traditions, and most importantly, the wide spread repression I witnessed throughout the Middle East sparked a desire to explore myself creatively, which led me to music.”– Negar

    Check out her first EP on her bandcamp, and you can also download the song “A Woman” for FREE (I like this song ). Her music video for “Faceless, Nameless” which was featured in the upcoming film “Bluebird” is also online, so check that out.
    There’s something about her voice that I love… so far I’m digging the song “One Minute”, what do you guys think about Negar?

    peace, love and health