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    Beach, Sunshine and Coffee – Enjoy the Ocean Life with San Diego Local Coffee Roasters, Nostalgia

    How do you love the weather today, San Diegans? The sunshine has us thinking about hitting the open road with a nice iced coffee in this not-too-hot summer days. We have been spoiled all year round with sunshine, beach and coffees. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster and mobile cafe. Their emphasis is on sustainability, quality, and origin. Nostalgia strives to deliver satisfaction and add value to the lives and livelihoods of all involved.

    Nostalgia Coffee Roasters was built on the idea that sustainability and quality are of equal importance. They strive to make the most out of all of their scarce resources and hope you do too. They don’t even waste a single drop of water in their mobile cafe– because they can’t! Each cup of coffee has its very own story and is cared for by many dedicated people before it makes it into your hands. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is proud to share those stories with you for each coffee they roast.

    There was just one thing that could make your cozy neighborhood café better… the coffee. That’s why Nostalgia Coffee Roasters has partnered with world-class coffee growers, ethically exceptional coffee millers, and an award-winning roaster: It’s time to bring world-class coffee to this incredibly intimate experience. From origin to experience, from seed to cup, from past to present, from Nostalgia to you.

    Baby Dragon Natural

    Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is so proud, fortunate, and honored to have partnered with the award-winning producers at Potosí of Café Granja La Esperanza and share with all of you this incredible coffee.

    Memory Lane Medium Roast

    Comprised of three exceptional coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra, this seasonal medium roast blend embodies everything Nostalgia Coffee Roasters ever wanted from their most popular offering. As Taylor, the Founder, would say—”this is a coffee for everyone; a coffee that sparks joy in coffee connoisseurs and new coffee drinkers alike; a coffee that makes excellent espresso and a fantastic pour over. But most importantly, a coffee that will take you walking down Memory Lane.”

    You’ll be hit with notes of swiss chocolate and fig like sweetness. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters uses Memory Lane in our café as espresso and regular coffee. It is a true crowd pleaser, and one of the highest rated blends in America! If you are new to Nostalgia, it is highly recommend that you should give this a try!

    Ethiopia Decaf (Swiss Water Process)

    Remember those orange pots of coffee sitting on the burner at your local diners and breakfast joints? With Nostalgia Coffee Roasters Single Origin Ethiopia Decaf, they pay tribute to all those decaf coffees that have come before this. But, with one big twist– the taste of this coffee is simply exceptional! Enjoy on those days when you just aren’t feeling like a caffeine buzz but wanting that smooth, rich, and sweet taste of coffee.
    Like someone loves drinking coffee after lunch or even dinner, a bag of good Decaf coffee is so necessary. Be cozy, yet not too energetic. Nostalgia is literally what I want for my coffee life in this beautiful ocean city.
    Coffee is a natural resource that we must protect so it can be enjoyed by future generations. That is why Nostalgia Coffee Roasters works directly with farmers to ensure that crops are sustainable for years to come. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is dedicated to using only recyclable cups and environmentally safe and sea turtle approved paper straws. The impact of these small actions will help to keep the oceans clean, and forests alive to continue to provide the shaded canopy and other natural resources needed for coffee farms to continue to thrive.
    Nostalgia Coffee head roaster and production team bring years of experience working at companies that have similar values and have won national and international awards for quality, taste, roasting and socially responsible practices, As Nostalgia continues to grow, they aspire to win the Good Food Award. The Good Food Foundation exists to drive towards tasty, authentic and responsible food in order to humanize and reform American food culture.