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    Nourish & Shine by Jane Carter Solution

    Although I love experimenting with shampoos and conditioners, I am steadfastly devoted to about 2 or 3 leave-in hair products, none of which contain oils.  When I wear it flat-ironed, any oily product will leave my fine hair limp.  And whether straightened or curly, my biggest issue is that no matter how carefully I apply product just on the ends, it will inevitably migrate to my forehead and temples within minutes, creating a serious oil slick!!

    I decided to give Nourish & Shine ($22) by Jane Carter Solution a try because I recently had my hair colored and felt it needed a little extra moisture than my normal regimine provided.  This sample had just been sitting around awaiting my review, but ignored because of its seemingly oily nature.

    I never thought I’d be so impressed by a shea butter-based product!  Jane Carter Solution somehow succeeded in developing a product that provides intensive moisturizing benefits without the oily side effects.

    A little goes a long way with this delicately sweet-scented balm.  I used it on my hair both after flat-ironing it and after air-drying it. Each time my hair soaked up the moisture without being weighed down, sticky or oily.  The product can also be used to smooth dry skin, but my hair’s been too selfish to share!!



    P.S.  You’ll love the 100% natural list of ingredients: Shea butter, Kokum butter, Illippe butter, Mango butter, Vitamins A, D, & E, pear and grapefruit essential oils.

    For more information: www.janecartersolution.com


    kisses, Olisa