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    Amika’s Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask

    Providing your hair with the occasional extra dose of TLC is essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy hair.  Amika’s Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask ($40) is a deep conditioner that works on all hair types, from fine to coarse, to restore, smooth and protect.  The key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Berry (Obliphica), which is also the basis of Amika’s haircare line.  You can use it as an everyday conditioner or as a weekly treatment (simply leave it in longer for deep-conditioning effects).


    I used this on my hair, which is fine with very tight curls—always thirsty for extra TLC.  Looking at the small sample packet, I found it laughable to think it would be enough for my entire head, but I was pleasantly surprised that a quarter-size portion was sufficient.  The conditioner was rich and had a sweet, but not overwhelming, scent.  After working it through my hair, I let it sit for 2-3 minutes and rinsed.  I was very happy with the results—my hair felt moisturized and was easily detangled.


    Check out Amika’s website for more information about this product:  www.loveamika.com 


    TIP: Whenever I want to super deep condition, I do the following:

    • Saturate a hand towel in hot water and microwave it for a few minutes (microwaving isn’t necessary if your tap water gets as hot as mine does!).  Be careful when handling the towel, because it will be HOT!
    • Next, put a shower cap over your conditioner-soaked tresses, then wrap the hot towel around your head and cover with a plastic bag. 
    • Chill out until the towel is cool (about 15-20 mins) and voilà —you’ve just given yourself a penetrating deep conditioner!


    kisses, Olisa