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    UNTOLD story of Toronto’s Couture Community

    “Fashion Forward starts with Toronto couture, featuring elegant stalwarts alongside more radical designers. From there, it goes on to explore how this community’s trademark inventiveness inspires new forms of social responsiveness by highlighting sustainability, wearable tech and special needs.”

    Lily Cornell’s Dome LED Dress: I LOVE IT!

    I didn’t know what to expect when I attended OCAD’s Fashion Foward this past week; an exhibition emphasizing sustainability, wearable technology and special needs.
    OCAD President Sara Diamond, led a very interesting panel on wearable technology; and I have to say it was exciting to see and hear the processes that went into making these articles of clothing that addressed peoples, and even animals needs and well being!

    Wearable Technology? That’s all I had to hear, and I HAD to go and take a look for myself.

    Fashion Forward was produced in association with the FDC ( Fashion Design Council) of Canada; in hopes to reject the cliche that clothing design is only “frivolous”.
    Fashion Forward began by “sketching the untold story of Toronto’s couture community” featuring bold and radical works from local designers, i.e Hoax Couture. They then explored the community’s trademark inventiveness as the inspiration for new forms of social responsive. Wendy Traas and Susan Harris were two of the designers who firmly believe in the growing importance of sustainability in fashion.

    I absolutely LOVED Lily Cornell’s LED- equipped dress! But sadly, she wasn’t in attendance to demonstrate how it lights up. I thought The Ocorant Heart Monitor vest (designed by George Brown College students) which emphasizes the more “pragmatic” side of Fashion was pretty dope. Izzy Camilleri, as well as Lida Baday and Sansu also participated in Fashion Forward

    “It is brilliant on the part of curator Charles Reeve to bring about the very first fashion and art exhibit. LG Fashion Week is when fashion is at its best and most current; it is truly an honour for the Fashion Council to introduce Fashion Forward, an exhibit of sustainability and technology.”– Robin Kay (President of the Fashion Council of Canada and Executive Director of LG Fashion Week)
    I just loved her hair!!
    Fashion Forward Toronto addresses the futures special needs, wearable technology, sustainability and choice; all this awesomeness was curated by Charles Reeve.
    More pics here!
    Fashion Forward 2010
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