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    UNTOLD story of Toronto’s Couture Community

    “Fashion Forward starts with Toronto couture, featuring elegant stalwarts alongside more radical designers. From there, it goes on to explore how this community‚Äôs trademark inventiveness inspires new forms of social responsiveness by highlighting sustainability, wearable tech and special needs.” Lily Cornell’s Dome LED Dress: I LOVE IT! I didn’t know what to expect when I attended OCAD’s Fashion Foward this past week; an exhibition emphasizing sustainability, wearable technology and special needs. OCAD President Sara Diamond, led a very interesting panel on wearable technology; and I have to say it was exciting to see and hear the processes that went into making these articles of clothing that addressed peoples, and even…

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    If you are a networker and always out and about, you must get this for your home office to keep yourself organized. Industrial design is amazing! These are things that people use on a day to day basis and ID’s improve their aesthetics and ergonomic appeal. Toronto, Umbra is one of my favorite industrial design spots. In LA, Plastica on W 3rd is the spot to get all things industrial design related! This is the Broccoli card holder. Super cool card holder.Colorful vinyl squares measure 4.25″ x 4.25″, once folded in half and secured tight you can display your cards.Comes flat with hardware for you to assemble in the sequence…