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    Holiday Travel & Safety for Pets

    Whether you’re bringing your pets along for the trip, or leaving them at home with a pet sitter or in a boarding facility, it’s important to consider pet identification and lost pet prevention and recovery when preparing for travel.

    Did you know that only 5% of cats and 20% of dogs get home once they go missing? New and unfamiliar environments can lead to pets trying to  escape and/or getting  lost, which is why It’s essential to ensure pets have up-to-date identification. PetHub is the first networked database for pets and pet parents in the U.S. – all integrated on a smart pet ID tag. PetHub’s innovative technology and modern pet identification tools help locate lost pets faster. Each PetHub ID tag has a QR code. Once pet parents register online, the tag can be scanned and the pet parent’s info pops up. Tags also include the PetHub website address and Lost Pet Hotline. Shelter alerts can be activated and the pet’s “safety circle” of contacts can be notified. PetHub has made a huge impact on that problem by returning 96% of animals found through PetHub ID tags in under 24 hours. This has resulted in huge financial savings to municipalities and shelter operators by keeping animals from entering shelters which on average costs $100/day per animal.

    One of the products useful for travel is the PetHub Mini-ReadyKit™, which is only $14.95. It helps prepare pet parents and their four-legged family members for travel by bundling 3 popular products together to help save money and keep pets safe. The WalletCard and CrateCard are critical components to the overall PetHub service. Each card links to their website for the electronic storage of medical, training, social, and other records for use by rescue workers, first responders, pet sitters, trainers, dog walkers, veterinarians, etc. Below are more details about the contents of the kit:

    • WalletCard™ – This is the size of a credit card and goes into your wallet. A separate snap-off piece of the card attaches to your keychain. Both link to your pet’s free online profile.

    • CrateCard™ – This larger card attaches to your pet’s kennel or traveling crate. It also links to your pet’s free online profile allowing you to share emergency contact info, critical medications, dietary needs, behavioral issues and much more.

    • Window Cling – This is useful for any pets staying at home and being watched by a pet sitter. This cling statically affixes to the inside or outside window of your home allowing you to alert firefighters about how many pets are in the home.

    In honor of Black “Furday” this Friday, PetHub is offering 50% off all PetHub ID products and 50% off select premium services for a year. The Black Furday deals are available between Nov. 26 – Dec. 1 and the code is BLACKFURDAY21.