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    Big & Aiden

    I have often compared my love affairs to those of Carrie and Big. I am so used to Bigs that I dont even know if I can even handle an Aiden if you threw it at me.  That pink toothbrush scene especially is anecdotal.

    and now, the universe wants to throw me an Aiden???? Like really?
    Le sigh.  You know that fountain scene when he proposes to Carrie and she’s just like I can’t. You know when she got the keys to Bungalow 8 and he’s like lets stay home with bucket of chicken.  >_<  You know how he was perfect for her but not at the time!??
     Can we talk about this at the Pink Carpet Soiree please??  RSVP here!

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    Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes Secondlook Jewelry

    Before written language, or the spoken word, there was jewelry. In the late 1800s, British archaeologist Archibald Campbell Carlyle said of primitive man “the first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration” . More than just a curio from the past, jewelry, like art, is a window into the soul of humanity, and a poignant reminder of that which separates humankind from the animal kingdom — a desire to capture the essence of beauty, to posses its secrets, and to unlock its mysteries”.

    I am so excited to welcome SecondLook Jewelry, a LA based jewelry line to the ultimate Sex and the City Party!  When I first saw her stuff, all I could think of was CARRIE CARRIE CARRIE.

    Second Look Jewelry combines vintage costume jewelry with new materials to update, recycle and create a second look; a new statement piece.

    Each piece is carefully put together and One of a Kind. 

    A signature of mine are the hand sculpted, hand painted resin flowers tucked into many of the designs. Come meet Ann Raymond, the talented designer behind SecondLook Jewelry and you can request a particular flower and colors for a custom piece. 

     You know how Carrie loves her flowers. We are no different!

    See you on the Pink Carpet!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Are you excited?

    it’s been 2 years!  After the much acclaimed success of the Pink Carpet Soiree, we are doing it again and this time in West Hollywood! 
    Get ready for the Pink Carpet Soiree 2, a cocktail party in celebration of Sex and the City Movie 2. Get excited! 
    Friendship, life changes, travelling to Morocco, exotic tastes, unbelievable adventure, breath-taking fashion and a whole lotta sex.

    RSVP for the LA Soiree now!
    Buy tickets here
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
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    “I wanted to create a fragrance with a great sense of fun and whimsy.” – sjp

    sjp nyc was inspired by the essence and spirit of sarah jessica parker’s beloved character, carrie bradshaw, walking down her favorite new york city streets. it captures the feeling of freedom, possibilities, playfulness – and of course fabulous style

    the ultimate fragrance accessory for an adventure in fashion.
    100 day countdown til CARRIE ON!
    If you are in LA, RSVP for the Pink Carpet Soiree!