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    So Serious about Pink with @PinkHolidayLipstick

    There is an amazing lipstick brand called Pink Holiday. Founder Cara Nigro, who could never find the right shade of pink, decided to create a pink lipstick line with 21 perfect pink shades for all women.

    pink holiday

    Seaside Splendor from Pink Holiday

    I wish I could stop at 21. I have a little obsession with pink lipsticks and I take it very seriously. After my stint in LA with FIDM beauty program, my collection and obsession became bigger than ever. Discovering a lot of then indie brands like Lime Crime and OCC opened the flood gates.

    My recent and newest addition to my ever growing collection is from Pink Holiday.  Unlike the neon vibrant, stain everything and your lips pink – these lipsticks give you just a hint of the lovely shade. Here are Seaside Splendor, Bermuda House and Capri Flower.

    They all have just a slight variation but I love them all – especially when you want to find the perfect pink.



    Capri Flower from Pink Holiday


    Bermuda House from Pink Holiday

    The Pink Holiday lipstick line is based on an extensive and yet very wearable palette of pinkshades for every woman, and transcends all ages and backgrounds. Personally influenced by jet-setting experiences and love of all things pink, the collection offers shades of from soft pale pinks, to neutral pinks, to vibrant, high energy pinks.

    Pink Holiday contains a high percentage of sugar Esther which helps create a film that avoids the loss of water, aiding in the protection against dryness. Our lipsticks contain moisturizing benefits to improve the condition of the skin barrier. The exclusive lipstick formula contains vegetal derived phospholipid, which improves moisture retention – high in emollient and softening properties. Our shades have been carefully formulated to ensure that they will be complimentary for women of all skin tones. Pink Holiday lipstick formulas contain a gellified system, which offers intensive moisture retention, superior comfort level and elevated adherence. All in such beautiful and glamorous packaging designed by the inimitable Chad Lavigne of Chad Lavigne LLC.