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    Get Inspired!! Get Creative!!

    I read magazines all the time. I’m constantly reading, researching and just looking at pictures. When I’m done reading these magazines I don’t really have any space for them, so I decided to get inspired. Everyone needs a little motivation and inspiration to get going. I’ve recently decided to create an inspiration board to keep me inspired and to keep my creative thoughts flowing. This inspiration board is to keep all my ideas together plus, it was a super fun and cheap way to redecorate your place. You can include anything and everything on these boards and make it as big or small as you want. So get creative this weekend, rip out some magazine pages, and cut some photos. Add some starfish like me or, or just keep it super simple (I’m just a simple girl with a love for starfish  and pink, apparently).


    Now readers, do you have inspiration boards?? Have you ever created something like this?? Besides creating inspiration boards, what helps to keep your creativity going??

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