Quadruple Threat…beyond DOPE!

“Thursday and Friday I performed in Detroit. Saturday I performed at the University of Dayton. I had three finals on Tuesday, a show at Duke Wednesday, did a song with Wale and 9th Wonder Thursday, and Friday I had a meeting with Jay-Z.”

“feels like I’m running on walls/and I don’t wanna touch the ground/and if they say that I’m lost/then I don’t wanna be found”

“Most college boys spend their free time playing beer pong and hooking up with hot chicks. But Southfield, Michigan-bred producer/singer/songwriter Mike Posner, 21, doesn’t let the hedonistic side of life at Duke University derail him from his musical dreams.”

Have I been living under a rock?! How did I not know about this man? lol. The man I’m talking about is Mike Posner. If you know who I’m talking about I’m POSITIVE you think he’s dope. And for those of you who don’t, well you’re about to understand why. In fact, open his myspace, in a new tab, press play and then finish reading, our time’s not done. lol 🙂
So here’s how it happened. I was sitting in my room trying to relax, and I was in desperate need of hearing something new. I love discovering new music, the way art is expressed in different ways by all kinds of different people around the world just amazes me… I like finding “hidden jewels”, well in his case not so hidden. 

Anyway so I’m looking through my iTunes library and nothing’s appealing to me… So I go on a lil music hunt, and happily stumble upon Mike Posner. I am so impressed…
So who is Mike Poser? I can’t give you an accurate description as I’ve never met the guy. Yet. 🙂
He’s a 21 year old producer/singer/songwriter, currently in his senior year at Duke University, majoring in both sociology and business. AND his web series just premiered. Damn… Talented, Driven, and Educated. He’s like… perfect. lol
You know how people start learning about networking as they get older (late teens, early 20s, some never lol), well he started making beats at only 13, and began networking with other musicians through Internet message boards. What were you doing at 13?? 
He’s collaborated with artists like Kid Cudi, Wale, Big Sean, Jackie Chain, Donnis, One Be Lo, Eric Holljes, BMR, and 3OH3. He’s also worked with Don Cannon and DJ Benzi on A Matter Of Time. 
He wrote, produced, and recorded EVERY track on his debut mixtape; A Matter of Time in under 3 months! (he started in January, and it hit the web in March) His mixtape sparked a months-long bidding war among record labels, in which major recording label J Records were the proud victors.
A Matter of Time is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It’s like Hip Hop, R&B and Pop came together and made babies… tracks whatever, it’s crazy. I definitely recommend that you download it right now, if you haven’t already *wink wink*
Check out Episode 1: Back To School…And Off To Atlanta of Mike Posners webs series “One Foot Out The Door”. This is the premier episode where Mike heads back to Duke University for his senior year, while taking on Music as his full time career. Enjoy! 
“One Foot Out The Door” Episode 1: Back To School…And Off To Atlanta from Mike Posner on Vimeo.
I can’t wait for his album and next mixtape!!!