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    Do YOU Regret it?

    This has been my FAVORITE track for about 2 months now! Not because I’m a ‘she-girl-man-hater’ type woman at all… just because I’m sooooooooo glad that a female finally made a break-up song that isn’t just about her sobbing and begging him back!!! We always hear men spitting lyrics about how much they do for women and how ‘he’ is the reason for ‘her’ success… Letoya & Luda made breaking up in to a BANGER!!!
    **I love how Luda lets the man know what he lost ~ “She said he wasn’t half the man I am so I guess he had to double uppp… but I might poke her and just stroke her ’cause I’m about to treat her like a real man’s supposed to”**(yikes)!

    I actually even like the look of them together, all cuddled up! lol!
    Finally (or so it seems) B.E.T’s 106 & Park will be featuring the new video, which I hear is different from this one… but here’s what I could find, check it out tomorrow! Fall in love with breaking up… 😉

    PS: Love, Love, LOVE the purple lip colour… look for me in this next! 😉

    “I’mma treat her like the queen she is man, teach you a lesson”!