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    My "Revelation"… For The Ladies

    Life is about changes… and experiences… and lessons; life hurts… and it burns… and it mends… and we deal… and for the most part, life is what you make it! As a woman in this hectic city, it’s so easy to blame life for what may not be your “ideal” situation. We blame relationships, and responsibilities, and time for the things that we haven’t been able to do. One thing that I have learned though is that no one can walk your path but you, and anything that may or may not happen to or for you has or hasn’t done so as a result of your own actions. As a woman, I have experienced plenty and have learned many lessons, but I have also learned that I never want to stop learning. A “revelation” if you will, came to me after recent trials which made me realize the true strength of oneself. This being a lesson to share directly with the ladies of HeyDoYou, I figure it has some relevance for us all… and it is this… Problems will occur! Life will suck! Pain will come! SOMETIMES… but I find far too often that we, as women too quickly fall into a rut. Not the kind where we gain ten pounds and forget to keep up with our mani/pedi’s… I mean the kind of rut when something sucks and we punish ourselves for the pain that has been caused by others. We, as women, are the only beings in the human race with the ability to bring life into the world. I’m sorry fellas, we all know that you are great contributors in this process, but from the beginning of time women were created with reproductive organs. I’m not trying to give a biology lesson, I’m merely tryna share my “revelation”… NO ONE should have power over you but you! When times get down… pull urself up… you are strong and beautiful and probably have more talents and abilities than you realize, take care of yourself and be the best YOU you can be… don’t change who you are to accommodate anyone unless these changes make you feel 100% better about yourself. What I’m saying is this, a man once told me “women don’t realize the power they have, why else would a man try to over power and over compensate, being masculine”, my “revelation” has these words constantly echoing in my head. LADIES… tell your girlfriends, sisters, cousins… realize the power you have, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved… and only YOU can allow anyone to treat you or tell you otherwise.