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    What can stand for a strong and powerful male character? I guess warrior can be. No men don’t like to be called as a warrior because it means he is strong enough to be protective. In this coming Father’s Day, do you consider to give back something for your dad? Who has been a strong man to raise you and protect you.

    Inspired by the grooming traditions of the ancient Japanese warriors, The Rituals of Samurai helps him master the art of looking and feeling his best. Containing the finest high performance grooming essentials, all four ranges in this collection – Classic, Shave, Face and Sport – help him harness confidence with meaningful body, skincare and shaving rituals. Empower body and mind and he will conquer any challenge the day throws at him.


    For the ultimate grooming experience, try the empowering essentials from the Classic line. Enriched with organic bamboo and cedar wood, this collection contains 12 unique products to help him face the day like a modern Samurai.

    Shower Classic

    A true grooming classic, the unique Foaming Shower Gel with bamboo extract and sandalwood is designed to help you start his day with confidence. Empower body, mind and soul with this shower foam, which provides the ultimate cleanse for his skin and leaves an invigorating scent to energize the senses. This classic and rich foam helps he starts his day the way every urban warrior should: ready to conquer any challenge.

    Bamboo symbolises many formidable qualities like determination, flexibility, and strength. Bamboo nourishes the skin, is ideal for exfoliation and has a bright, fresh scent. Sandalwood is considered a sacred ingredient in many ancient cultures and is prized for its masculine, woody scent. It symbolises the stimulation of consciousness.

    No Samurai routine is complete without this iconic foaming shower gel. Empower body, mind and soul with bamboo and sandalwood, and start his day with confidence.


    Refresh and invigorate body and mind with the Sport range. The entire sports line has been specially developed for use after sports or for an invigorating start of the day, leaving a long-lasting refreshing fragrance. The products from this range are made with powerful ingredients, such as bamboo, Japanese mint and cedar wood, to refresh the senses and help him keep a clear mind.

    Ice Shower

    Work out then chill out with the innovative and cooling Ice Shower Gel featuring bamboo extract and Japanese mint. Giving him the ultimate cooling down sensation, this shower gel is the perfect companion for a post-workout shower or a refreshing rinse during hot weather. It’s refreshment at its finest, empowering him to feel cool, calm and confident the entire day. To protect against perspiration and body odor after an intense workout, use the 24h anti-perspirant spray with the empowering scent of organic bamboo and cedar wood. Powerful yet mild on the skin.
    Bamboo symbolises many formidable qualities like determination, flexibility, and strength. Bamboo nourishes the skin, is ideal for exfoliation and has a bright, fresh scent. Mint is synonymous with freshness the world over. Its cooling and invigorating properties offer delightful refreshment after exercise. It also has beneficial qualities when he needs a clear mind, for example in times of stress. The fragrance of Japanese Mint is more refined and smoother than that of peppermint.


    Discover the new cutting-edge shaving essentials for sublimely smooth skin with the shave collection of The Ritual of Samurai. Enriched with powerful ingredients such as basil, red shisho and ginseng, the products from this range have revitalizing effect on the skin. Their empowering ingredients help to keep his immune system and his skin healthy.

    Shave Cream

    Get the most comfortable and close shave ever with this non-lathering Shaving Cream. It can be applied quickly and easily, without the need for a brush. The cream softens hairs and moisturizes skin, ensuring that he look and feel his best after shaving. Not only is it formulated with the best ingredients, its packaging is also sustainable. A refill is available to replace the old flacon with a new one.
    Basil is regarded as one of the most sacred herbs in India, often considered “the king of herbs.” Basil leaves are remarkable due to their elegance, sweetness and spiciness. Basil offers antioxidant, astringent and moisturising properties and has a revitalising effect on the skin.


    Boost and improve his skin with the high performance natural skincare products from the new Face Collection of The Ritual of Samurai. This collection if enriched with organic bamboo, ginseng and wakame kelp, which contain high concentrations of essential minerals and vitamin B. The unique composition of powerful ingredients provides a moisturizing effect, improves suppleness and elasticity, and helps to protect the skin against the negative effects of pollution.

    Formulated with nature’s most powerful ingredients – Sencha, Ginseng and Camu camu – the natural Anti-Aging Face Cream fights the signs of aging while it also hydrates and energizes the skin. Its lightweight texture is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it well-nourished and with a matte finish. Not only is this face cream made with the best natural ingredients, its packaging is also sustainable. It has an elegant, masculine design of anthracite grey and wood, coupled with an eco-chic and innovative refill system. Once he has finished the cream, it’s extremely easy to top-up with a refill. A simple gesture that helps the environment enormously.
    Wakame, or Japanese kelp, is a type of seaweed native to the Sea of Japan. It contains high concentrations of essential minerals and vitamin B. This unique composition helps protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution and improves suppleness and elasticity. Sake is rich in enzymes, which gently exfoliate the outer layers while respecting the moisture barrier of the skin. It also has antioxidant properties and helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier against external influences.
    The Ritual of Samurai collection has been available at Rituals stores and at RITUALS.com from April 2019! You can definitely check out other Samurai products and make a choice of a box for a nice Father’s Day gift. Or you can just simply choose from Ritual’s gift box ideas!
    This calming gift set comes wrapped in a luxury keepsake box, making it ready to give.
    Give him – or yourself – the gift of ulitmate refreshment

    This gift set contains

    • 1 X Samurai Shave
    • 1 X Samurai Shave Repair Gift Sets
    • 1 X Travel – Maharaja d’Or
    • 1 X Samurai Yuzu Shower
    Actually the Samurai collection can be also a great gift choice for your husband, friends, or brother. Of course, if you are a man, this is a wonderful sweet treat for yourself!
    About Rituals:
    Rituals is the first brand in the world to combine home and body cosmetics. With an expansive product line including body care, scented candles, fragrance sticks, assorted teas, skincare, precious mineral make-up, and Soulwear, the brand transforms everyday routines into more meaningful moments. Each product, over 400 in total, is inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition. In 2000, Rituals opened its first sore on Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat, followed by openings in such vibrant cities as London, Madrid, Antwerp, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm and New York. The luxury brand has almost 600 stores, more than 1500 shop-in-shops and 4 city spas in 27 countries worldwide.