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    “Time!!!”… is really the only thing I can honestly say that I completely understood at the Rogers Open yesterday! And, the only reason I do is because all afternoon I heard and watched people being told that it was a cue not to leave ur seat! Needless to say, I was told too, when jumping up for a bevy in the smoldering heat! Bare with me, this was my first EVER tennis experience other than watching Wimbledon with fam as a kid! My girl Liz (who also knows nothing about tennis), got the tickets from work, and I didn’t bother decline 😉

    Aside from the confusion, though, it was suuuuch a good time! I actually really enjoy tennis, don’t know much about it, but I AM pretty good at hitting the ball with the racket! I like how intensely quiet it is and I LOVE how many people were so fashionably dressed! I like the hats and umbrellas in the stadium and I like the overall feeling in the air. My seat even got randomly selected for a contest and I won a HD PVR… ZERO complaints! I dunno, but I know I wanna learn more! I woke up this morning and googled tennis so I’ll put it out there… ANYONE who knows how to play tennis, I am open to instruction! lmao! I’m also open to recording any tennis-related tutorial and posting it on the blog for shits n’ giggs!

    Our seating area – Liz’s work perks 😉


    Liz & I randomness

    Ha! Thats me on the screen, winning my PVR – l.m.f.a.o



    Stadium VS BeerTent

    We enjoyed BOTH

    I’m not blinded to the fact that tennis is often labelled nerdy and pretentious, but lets be serious… I seldom DON’T do what I like… especially because of labels, or a lack there of! And anyways, geek = sheek, so we’re in! I wanna learn tennissss! Teach meeee!!! lol

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