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    First Immersive Art Space Celebrating The Diversity Of Tea World – Room For Tea!


    If you want to ask me where to hangout at the end of this Summer in New York? I would suggest you to check this place out. A fun world to explore the tea culture! Room For Tea – the first tea-themed art pop-up in NYC.

    Inspired by Diverse Tea Culture in NYC

    New York City is built off diversity, so is the food here. Tea should be considered as more than just a bottle of Snapple, but as an ingredient that has the power to bring people together. It stands for different cultures. Every culture has its own adaption here and in NYC we celebrate that!

    Labyrinth of Tea origin

    Pass through layers of curtains to explore the mystery of the world’s oldest tea.

    Summer BOBA Court

    Adventure with friends in our pink fun court. It’s full of huge bobas and a giant milk bottle.

    Matcha under Cherry Blossom

    Rewind in a modern tea house to understand a most divine tea ceremony.

    Milk Tea Metropolis

    Take a walk down the street in Hong Kong

    to witness how this British royal drink transformed into a feature of the city’s urban style.¬†¬†




    5 Scenes and 18 Visual Highlights

    You’ll experience a 40-min journey featuring 5 main senses and 18 visual highlights. Senses are: Labyrinth of Tea Origin, Milk Tea Metropolis, Matcha under Cherry Blossom, Summer BOBA Court and Mint Tea Secret Box.

    You can even experience a Tea Ceremony!

    Try the most authentic way to drink the tea.

    Do you know the history of tea and Boba?

    Tea is about integration of diverse elements: tea and milk, tea and medicine, and tea and flowers are just a few examples of how the world’s cultures have transformed the shape and purpose of this drink. In a way, it is a symbol of unity.

    When people initially handled the tea leaf, thousands of years ago, it was applied as a detoxifying remedy in Chinese culture. It entered the palace with the Tang Dynasty poets and has become the drink of nomads.

    It hid in the baggage of the monks, traveled to Japan, it becomes a drink of royal classes. It traveled East alongside with the Dharma, with which it grew as a living faith.

    It boarded huge cargo ships and voyaged with porcelain and silk to cast impressions of Asia throughout European society. It mixed with milk and brought back to Hong Kong and developed into a palatable daily drink that powers this modern metropolis.

    When it meets the native snack – tapioca balls – in Taiwan. That when the magic drink Boba was born. It has become a sensation across the Asian continent and is central to everyday life for the youth.

    It now takes root in the rest of the world; in all strata of society. It takes long journeys, perhaps just to remind those who haven’t had the chance to stop for the day to sip and breathe, that perfection can be felt while knowing only imperfect life; even if only at tea time!

    General Admission:  $23

    Tickets includes:

    • A FREE Boba tea¬†for each admission! Thank to our¬†amazing sponsors.

    • A tree will be planted because of your visit.

    • A plantable card for every guest. Yes, you cangrow a plant from a card!

    • We’ve weekly selections for Boba tea. If you have¬†any preference, please¬†view our¬†Bubble¬†station¬†schedule¬†here.

    General Admission & 40-minute Tea

    Ceremony Experience:  $33

    Tickets includes:

    • Everything in the General Admission

    • A 40min Tea Ceremony Experience. Please visit¬† Tea ceremony schedule¬†here.

    Children under 4 are Free


    Come to enjoy Room For Tea, it was a wonderful experience with a lovely tea exploration and tasting. Get your tickets at here. August 28 РSeptember 22 371 Broadway. New York!