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    Ryerson – Mass Exodus

    I attended the Ryerson University Fashion Week that showcased the collections of their grads. There were over 30 sets shown and a few really stood out to me based on wear-ability, colors and movement. To me, some designers design clothing for their own self expression while others truly want to create a lucrative business by offering beautiful pieces that are ready-to-wear.

    #1 Favorite

    Iva Sopiqoti iva.fashion@gmail.com
    Her collection: Mykonos Extravaganza
    “Inspired by the beautiful islands of Greece, the designer has created a sophisticated collection. Through her innovative luxury brand with a sense of daring and provocation that resonates with celebrity and accomplished elite, Iva has offered her target customers chic and sleep outfits appropriate for a celebrity lifestyle.”
    My favourite piece on the left

    The movement of the dress on the left was incredible!

    #2 Favorite
    Jennifer Allison jenniferallison.design@gmail.com
    Walking Tall
    “Walking Tall tells a story of a daydreamer named Aurora, a girl seeking adventure. Throughoutu 5 pieces you will be taken on a journey and witness piece by piece. Aurora’s self-discovery. You will be introduced to the Bird, the Bear, the Deer and the Rabbit.”
    The Bird, The Bear (love it!)

    The Deer (LOVE!), the Rabbit

    #3 Favorite
    Aimee Tobolka: atobolka@gmail.com
    She describes her style as luxury streetwear”, the collection is a creative exploration mainly inspired by portable shelter. Exaggerated shapes with a controlled distribution of volume.

    On the right, this jumpsuit/playsuit is backless. So SUPER hot, definitely one of the strongest pieces of the entire show.

    More photos from Chiaroscuro HERE