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    Give your skin the gift of beauty and health with Sciabica Olive Oil Skincare!

    You probably already know that olive oil is part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that you don’t always have to eat it to get its benefits? ⁣

    Making extra virgin olive oil part of your beauty routine can also be incredibly beneficial because it has:

    • anti-inflammatory properties⁣
    • anti-aging properties⁣
    • antibacterial properties⁣

    Mediterranean women have long known the secret to beautiful skin – extra virgin olive oil! Promote a smooth, radiant complexion. Help maintain elasticity of skin. Heal dry, brittle nails and soften cuticles. Condition and add shine to hair. Sciabica takes their finest award-winning extra virgin olive oil and pressed it with locally harvested English Lavender, known for its gentle healing properties, to produce a sensational, delightfully fragrant, 100% all-natural Lavender Olive Oil.

    Embrace your best skin yet this Summer with just 2 natural ingredients! Sciabica presses their award-winning extra virgin olive oil with locally harvested English Lavender, known for its gentle healing properties, to produce a sensational, delightfully fragrant, 100% all-natural Lavender Olive Oil. Apply the hydrating 2-ingredient moisturizer to the face, hands, or body, or even enjoy it in lavender scones or coffee cake. Imagine how nourishing skincare that is good enough to eat will be for your skin needs!

    Mr. Sciabica (Joseph) said he would never put anything on his skin that he wouldn’t eat! Sciabica’s Lavender olive oil is made only from fresh California sun-ripened olives and succulent English Lavender. Feel free to enjoy it’s all-natural healing properties inside and out.

    Packaged in a specially designed “airless” pump bottle, which dispenses creamy small portions, you can use as much or little as needed to apply onto your hands, face and body. It is so light that your skin will promptly absorb the creamily dispensed olive oil to help give you a softer, smoother and younger-looking appearance.

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    Your Dad Deserves The Best Olive Oil – 100% California Olive Oil from Sciabica

    If you are still searching for a gift for this upcoming Father’s Day, no worries! I know it is literally this Sunday, but here I have a great idea for you. The perfect gift for a dad who wants to be healthier in eating, I will recommend Sciabica’s Olive Oil. The Sciabica Family is proud to say that their olive oils contain no artificial flavorings or additives, they’re all GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches, which is why they taste so great! Every single drop is from California Grown Olives and is backed by their “100% You’ll Love it Guarantee”.

    When you want to give a distinctive gift that people will enjoy, again and again, Sciabica’s gift packs are the perfect choice. Featuring their award winning artisan crafted 100% California Extra Virgin olive oils, Fresh-Picked flavored balsamic vinegars, and elegant skin care products, there’s something for everyone – and so many to choose from!

    Actually not only your dad, your in-law family, friends, colleagues, and clients will enjoy these deliciously different gift packs! Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or elegant and extra special, you’ll find the ideal gift at Sciabica’s.

    My choice for dad is “Uncle Tony’s Cocktail” pack, and now available in ‘mini’ size! ‘UNCLE TONY’ is a legend at Sciabica Company. He was actually the founder’s first-cousin, but all of the team members and customers called him “uncle”. At 100 years old, ‘Uncle Tony’ was selling in the Sciabica’s Gift Shop in Modesto pushing his own recipe for a fabulous olive oil & balsamic dressing, dubbed “Uncle Tony’s Cocktail”. Simply mix one Part each of Basil, Garlic, and Jalapeño olive oils with Sciabica’s new Sticky Balsamic for a savory & sweet flavor explosion. Perfect for salad dressing, bread dipping, and meat marinades.

    Often called ‘co-milled’ or ‘fused’ – Sciabica‘s artisan master-miller carefully selects the ripest fruits & most flavorful herbs, and cold presses them with their just-harvested California olives, resulting in a delicious flavor fusion that sets the bar for “flavored” olive oils. Cold pressing preserves the delicate flavor of the fruit or herb that are destroyed through heat-infusion, and are not present in extracts.

    And about the Sticky Balsamic, indulge your taste buds with this perfect balance of sweet and tangy, accented by delicate hints of caramel, honey, fig, and ripe raspberries. The creamy-thick consistency of this versatile ‘sticky’ balsamic vinegar makes it a joy to use for decoratively drizzling over seared veggies, cheese, fruit, salad, and even desserts. Add superbly rich taste while dressing up your grilled meats and poultry. It’s the simplest way to decorate like a pro and enhance flavor… the delicious possibilities are endless!

    Olive oil should be used every day because it reduces harmful LDL cholesterol while maintaining beneficial HDL. LDL cholesterol sticks in our arteries and causes blockages. Conversely, Jonathan Sciabica calls HDL cholesterol the “Roto-Rooter” for our system. HDL’s job is to flow through and remove the bad LDL, leading to lower risk of heart attack and heart disease. Extra Virgin olive oil retains all of the natural health benefits of the oil. Refined olive oils, such as “100% pure” may not have the effect on your health that EVOO offers. Since all of Sciabica‘s oils are extra virgin, you can’t go wrong, though there is some evidence that shows stronger (fall harvest) olive oils have better antioxidant properties which have been correlated with reduced rates of cancer. That’s why you should gift dad a thoughtful and healthy olive oil from Sciabica, the award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from California’s oldest olive oil producer!