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    (NY) Sen7 Atomizer

    Sexy, mobile, futuristic, convenient, genuis and European!  The awesome PR team at Sen7 sent me over a sample of this perfume atomizer to try and the package got to my New York apartment before I did! So i had to go down to USPS today to get my package.  Ooh lala!  This is the perfect gift for the holiday season. What is it?  A stainless steel device for you to make you perfume mobile, perfect for globetrotting. The point is, this is revolutionary and you can take your perfume out with you now. And… I’m giving it away to one lucky winner… So if you want to win it —-> look on the side bar.  If you want to buy it, you can go here:
    The sen7 fragrance atomizer has a tank volume of 5.8 ml. That amounts to roughly 70 sprays, and is enough for one to two weeks or longer, depending on the frequency of use. Here’s how it works: Pressing on the atomizer head opens a small shutter, unblocking the nozzle and activating the spray function. Releasing the atomizer head closes the shutter again.

    Sen7 is not just for everyday use – it’s also ideal for short business trips or weekends away, that is, anywhere where small travel sizes are a must! If you are filling sen7 with a different fragrance, the tank should be cleaned beforehand with warm water or preferably with pure alcohol to ensure that the perfume components do not mix with one another.

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