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    Going to Seoul: Dragon Hill Spa

    If you follow me on Snapchat or IG, you would know that I was in Seoul for the entire month of June!

    One of the weekends, I checked out traditional Korean bathhouse/spa Dragon Hill Spa. This Jijimbang is really easy to get to by subway and HUGE.

    Since it was my birthday treat, I went all in and did the Diamond package.

    1. The Pools/Bath Area: Very warm and multiple warm pools around 30-40*C and various sizes. There was also a cooler one around 20* and then some individual stone ‘lounge’ chair’ type tubs. A huge shower area and also a kid’s pool/tub.
    2. The Body Scrub: Totally worth it and you will feel like a fish being scaled by a monger. You are totally naked and they rub all the dead skin out of you, from between your fingers to every inch of your skin. Pretty fun ($32 a la carte)
    3. Hip Bath: Weird. You sit on a little square coffee table with a hole in the middle. Under the hole is a pot of Chinese herbal medicine on a little hot plate. The steam is suppose to help with your PMS cramps and overall ‘womanly’ health. You wear a huge plastic cape and naked underneath. You straddle over the hole with steam for about 30 mins.
    4. Facial: This part was so relaxing that I fell asleep
    5. Massage: Maybe the worst part for me, this Thai style sports massage nearly killed me!
    6. Nails: Regular manicure

    Overall, it was quite fun for $200 and there were snacks and plenty to do. The snack: Traditional Korean sweet rice drink ($1 USD) and 3 tea eggs ($2 USD).

    I spent 5 hours there on a Saturday and you might have fun too next time you are in Seoul!