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    Serendipitous – Scrumptious, luscious, irresistible – it’s CHOCOLATE!

    Legendary NYC restaurant, Serendipity 3
    – the world’s only restaurant to have their own signature perfume, Serendipitous!

    Serendipity 3, the home of the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate, has been on the cutting edge of food, fashion and fun for over 65 years. Serendipity 3 restaurant and general store, continues to reinvent a whimsical world full of outrageous food, decadent desserts, and outlandish merchandise, such as the chocolate perfume, Serendipitous.

    Serendipitous, a scrumptious, luscious, irresistible fragrance that is as comforting as cocoa, as tempting as a Grand Marnier truffle, as decadent as hot fudge by the spoonful.  A lovely, straightforward, wearable chocolate with a warmth and richness that melts into your skin and a hint of caramelized sugar. Serendipitous has fragrance notes of cocoa, Tahitian vanilla, and blood orange that are sophisticated enough to satisfy your grown-up side, delicious enough to bring out your inner child.  Serendipitous has been captivating the world since its inception, over a decade ago.

    Serendipitous Fragrance Notes: Cocoa, Tahitian Vanilla, Blood Orange

    Serendipity 3 – still the world’s only restaurant to launch a major fragrance.  The scent is available at boutiques, and at Serendipity3.com and LuckyScent.com. Eat it, drink it, wear it!