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    @JopenLLC Intensity Sex Toy Review

    I’m not sure how eventful your Valentine’s Day was, but this is what I had to play with. Intensity is probably the only sex toy that has an inflatable g-spot area to really hit the spot. But that’s not all — it involves electro-stimulation that seriously intensifies your experience! Ever remember getting shocked when you visit the Science museum and play with electricity? Imagine all that activity happening down below…

    Just putting my finger on the steel areas sends shocks through my entire arm. Designed for kegel exercises, the Intensity not only helps strengthen your pelvic muscles, but it literally intensifies your orgasms. Can you ask for a better playmate?

    Check out the video below to see how it works!

    Don’t forget to check in next month and enter to win one of these amazing sex toys!

    xoxo, @missamandachen

  • WorldWide

    VANITY by @JopenLLC

    Brr.. it’s cold outside. You know what that means. A lot of cold winter nights alone under the sheets. And what better way to spend it with some luxurious hours of uninhibited pleasure. With twelve beautiful versions to choose from, who cares what Santa’s got under his belt if you’ve got VANITY in your drawers.

    Talk about an expensive paper weight. But what sets apart its smooth curves from any other ear-flopping bunny is the fact that it has two intense motors that vibrate — separately. Control freak? Yeah, you’re going to enjoy this. I love that you can use every single part of this toy because it’s completely covered in silicone. I knew I wasn’t the only one that got pissed off about the cold metal touching my body and throwing off my vibe (vibrator virgins, think cold feet. Eww!).

    It’s also ridiculously convenient. You don’t even have to refill the batteries because it’s rechargeable and if you’re a shower moaner you can leave it in the tub and take the sailboat down below. Oh yeah, it’s also powered by PowerBullet which means you’re getting some super charged vibrations. FYI, stick to level one, at most two. If you’re hitting three you must already be numb. And check out how small it is! It fits right in the palm of my hand. Don’t worry boyfriend, I haven’t replaced you… yet.

    Get yours today at Aren’t We Naughty or Stag Shop — they’re on sale for $130. You know what I’ve got under my tree!

    Look out for my next review on Jopen’s new product, INTENSITY — a double duty product that both exercises your pelvic floor muscles and gives you incredible orgasms. Hello, talk about the sexercise! Go to Jopen.com for more info.

    Happy Hump Day! @missamandachen