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    I am totally guilty of this! I love showering… So now I limit my showers to 7 minutes! But did you know the average 19-24 year-old showers 11 minutes a day – using 220 litres of water per shower?? To make matters worse, this same age group averages 7 showers a week, resulting in 1540 litres of water used per individual. 

    In an attempt to raise awareness about the very serious issue of water conservation, AXE is encouraging Canadians to drop their towels at the door this April 22nd and give Showerpooling a try.

    Showerpooling promotes water conservation by encouraging groups of like-minded individuals to share their showers and save a valuable natural resource in the process.

    Currently, only 35% of Canadians have tried Showerpooling, with Atlantic Canadians proving to be the most green-minded of us all, averaging 2.5 showerpools per week.

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