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    Incredible Sleep with @Pillo1

    There is no beauty secret that is older or truer than a good night’s rest. During our sleep every night our skin cells regenerate, our bodies rest and our organs digest food. Beside drinking a lot of water, eating tons of fruits and veggies – the only other thing you need is SLEEP!

    Dr Hall’s Pillo1 is a special designed pillow that maximize your sleep and comfort in every way possible. A ton of pillows does not make better sleep but the right shape pillow will help. The Pillo1 ensure you have the right alignment and heal while u sleep.

    The Pillo1 I got is a size medium and because I don’t have a sham, I used two pillow cases on either side to ensure it is covered. It is so comfy and I can’t wait to take turns using this every night and for midday naps. The pillow is made of antibacterial latex from the milk of a rubber tree. Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 offers a 30 day risk-free guarantee! If you do not experience neck pain relief in 30 days, send it back and we will refund your money. There is nothing to lose but a pain in the neck.

    Looking forward to better night sleeps ahead!

    Get yours at Pillo1.com